Horizontal Lockit vs Batignolles Horizontal

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  1. I went to buy my groom cles today and fell in love with the Horizontal Lockit. I already have the Batignolles Horizontal, will it seem kind of redundant to have both ?:confused1: Which do you prefer?
  2. I've fallen in love with the Lockit Horizontal too!! I was just at the LV store though and ended up getting the Batignolles Horizontal instead - it just seemed like a more practical bag.

    The Lockit Horizontal is definitely next on my list though!! :love:
  3. def horizontal lockit over batignolles although the vachetta on the lockit will be high maintenance.

    batignolles just doesn't do it for me, sorry, but A LOT of tpf members have and love this bag.
  4. i prefer the Batignolles Horizontal. the shape of the Lockit irritates me :P
  5. I'd say the BH as well...for some reason the canvas lockit doesn't do it for me.
  6. I prefer the BH over the Lockit.
  7. I prefer the BH.
  8. Definetely the BH.
  9. I have seen them both IRL and I got the BH. It was more me, I guess.
  10. BH all the way!!
    Precisely because it DOESN'T have a zipper, although that is the one reason some people DON'T like the Batignolles family. But I think it's a GREAT feature!!:smile:
  11. Horizontal Lockit. I like zippered bags moreover I love the shape.:love:
  12. me too. love the lockit:love:
  13. ooh i was in this same dilemma 3 weeks ago! I actually bought the BH but went to return it the next day and got the Lockit Horizontal instead. What I didn't like about the BH is that it didn't have a zipper and it's such a shoulder bag you know, the shape, the shoulder straps. whereas the shape of the Lockit was more unique and less indicative it's like a big handbag that you can also wear as a shoulder bag. And that was the cincher for me.
  14. i like the Lockit Horizontal.
  15. Uhhh................I ended up getting both:shocked: I bought the BH last june and then I saw viconmodel's horizontal and fell in love! I ordered it from elux a week or so ago. I haven't carried it yet-I want to treat with shining monkey-so much vachetta but I love it! I prefer horizontal bags anyway so I talked myself into it!