Horizontal Lockit - France or Australia?

  1. Hi all LV lovers. This is my first time here. Anyway i'll just like to ask for some advice. My siblings & I plan to get my mum a Horizontal Lockit for her birthday.
    Anyway i'm currently living in Sydney, and my sister is in France. Do you think the price will be cheaper in France since its actually manufactured there? Thanks in advance for all the future replies!
    BTW, i plan to sneak in a Monogram Canvas Popincourt for myself. ;)
  2. HIi- From experience purchasing from France is cheaper when it comes to just the bag prices. The thing to watch out for is when you return to Australia, Customs may tax your new LV from France-- especially if you are handcarrying the bag in its original shopping bag. They also ask on those Customs Arrivals card that you fill in before entering Australia about bringing in goods in excess of a certain amount (I forget...$450? $950?) even if they are gifts.

    Anyway, my bro in law purchased a Multicolore Shirley in France about 2 years ago and it came out to be AUD$785, while the RRP here in Australia was AUD$1100 (Take away the Tourist Refund Scheme and it is still AUD $1000).

    Why not send your sister to price it in France and then get back to you with the price there? Then you can take a trip to your nearest LV to see how much they are selling it for.

    Ooooh. Inter-continental shopping. Nice.

    Hope this helps.
  3. I think youd be better off getting it in France, even if you do end up having to pay GST when it comes into Australia. If you were planning on having it mailed back from France you will most certainly going to have to pay customs (GST), but might get away with not having to if it is carried through. Even still Australian prices are SO much more than France (and most of the world) that it will still be cheaper to get it over there.
  4. I would get it in france.