Horizontal Cabas Leather


Apr 8, 2012
Hi there,

I'm seriously looking to purchase a cabas now that I live near several places that carry it... Here is the issue I have noticed with these bags:

The RED horizontal seems to be very very thin and the BLACK horizontal is much much thicker!!!!!

I came to the store today and was going to get the red but I left empty handed because I thought it was much much thinner than what I had seen before...

This was at a department store today that I noticed the difference

At the Celine boutique both seemed to be the same quality

The price is the same for both 800€

Why is the black much thicker than the red?

Aren't they both lamb skin?

Thanks guyss


Apr 8, 2012
Sorry for any and all typos my iPhone is not letting me see what I type I think something is up with the app...

If I saw the thicker black one should I just have bought it?
I mean I'm ok with the black but it's just that I came for the red one...

I don't know, I'm more of a quality over fashion person so I'm fine with changing colors, it's just that... Shouldn't they be the same thickness?

The black was 800€ too once again


Aug 9, 2011
There is a newer thicker leather variation to the horizontal cabas. The price is the same as the regular lambskin but if you feel the interior, it almost doesn't feel like suede and it is not as floppy as the older styles.


Sep 10, 2013
i'm experiencing a similar problem too with how thin the leather is! i just purchased the celine vertical cab as (black/army green) but i really don't like how slouchy the bag is, especially when i set it down and it just crinkles up! is there any solution to this like a bag insert or do i just need to embrace the style a little bit more? thanks!!