Horatio boutique

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  1. I've been calling them for the past two days and no ones picking up. Does anyone know whats up????
  2. I also called on Thursday or Friday, several times and had the same thing. No one answered!!
  3. I get that with London, they either pick up right away or you can't get an answer for days - must be a CL boutique thing :shrugs:
  4. lol prolly
  5. are you calling to see about the waitlist on the nude patent VP's?
  6. It is frustrating when that happens. I make sure I call within normal business hours, preferrably earlier in the day and most of the time I do not have problems. Lately though I have been dealing with the Madison boutique and have had nothing but excellent service.
  7. They may just be so swamped they can't pick up. Frustrating, I know...
  8. I was calling about the nude VP i am waitlisted for and for three days no answer, so i went into the store today. Three sales associates and no customers. I was there for about 10 minutes and did not hear the phone ring. Maybe the ringer is on solent. BTW the shoes won't be coming in till the end of the month.
  9. ^^Are those the ones with the burgundy tip or nude tip?
  10. im calling abt 70mm nps in pink that madison told me horatio would get. Hopefully before the bh signing. I emailed them and they said their lines are messed up and the funny thing is they didnt offer to call me. Yet i told them ive called a million times
  11. Angelie: It seems like every time I try to order something it takes several calls for them to put it through. And I have to keep calling them back to get confirmation.
  12. sab i agree it always takes time i was trying to do a custom order but it never went anywhere so i gave up.
  13. they are getting nude VP but they don't know what color tip. i told them i would take whatever they get. i am going to check in again next week. i offered to leave my cc info, but they assured me they would call, for some reason i don't trust them.
  14. ^ LOL same! Do you think you could get me on a slot for size 37?? :graucho:
  15. i do understand that feeling. i called to change my shoe size order and i swear the woman who took down my info (or lack thereof) never bothered to really look up my name or write anything down. it made me wonder if i was really going to get that phone call once the shoes came in.