hopping mad

  1. I am so pi$$ed.

    I sold a bag yesterday. the winning bidder sends me a message that she had mistakenly input the wrong amount and that I should offer the bag to the next highest bidder. She said that she didn't want to spend more than $400 for the bag, but her final bid was $510.01.

    She even mentions that there is another bag just like mine for about $80 cheaper and that one is also too expensive for her. I happen to be watching that other bag because i like to compare my auction results with others.

    It turns out that two hours after my winning bidder won my auction, she hit BIN for the cheaper bag. And I believe she paid right away because the other seller just left her positive feedback. I am so angry. The bidder totally lied and is backing out of the contract. I sent her a message reminding her that her bid is a binding contract and let her know that I saw her bid on the other bag two hours after she won my bag.

    I know that eBay can't force her to pay up, but I am fuming about being lied to and that she messed up my auction. I talked to live help and they said I can't file a NPB dispute for seven days, but they also told me to contact trust & safety so they can research the issue.

    Besides negative feedback and her getting a NPB mark, what other recourse is there?

    I won't identify the bidder, but it isn't hard to find her on eBay.
  2. Unfortunately, I don't think there is any other recourse. If you want to get your FVF back sooner, you could say that you both mutually agreed not to complete the sale.(Even though I know you didn't mutually agree) Otherwise you will have to wait to file your NPB so she gets the strike against her. I know your situation sucks; I had a buyer hit the BIN and then told me the bag was really too small and that she didn't want it. I got my FVF back right away, but not my listing fee.

    I suppose if you really wanted to pursue it, you could take her to small claims court, but I don't know if you want to go that far. Sorry this happened to you... I have been there!

  3. eBay can't force her to pay, but they might suspend her for a while. Unfortunately, she will probably get off with a warning and eBay will refund your fees.
  4. Contact Trust and Safety and report her ass. It's against eBay policy to do what she's done to you. If she wins two identical auctions, she is obligated to pay for two identical auctions. Cheap cow.

    I know is frustrating as hell to now have to wait 8 days to file for your fees but please be sure you do so. Hopefully, she won't respond to the UID and then you can feel free to leave her a big fat negative without her retaliating against you.
  5. what a jerk... i hate NPB's
  6. that's stupid. give her a neg.
  7. Take a deep breath. File a NPB claim against her. She sure will not respond so she will receive a non-paying strike. Then you could leave her a negative feedback but she cannot return you one. It will take at least 14 days to get your final fee back (7 days for non-paying warning, 7 days for her to respond or seller claims his/her fee back). I know it sucks, but it is very common on eBay nowadays.
  8. NPB... make sure you keep the auction that she BIN'd just for your reference.
  9. Wow, that's low. And $510.01 does not sound like a mistakenly entered amount. If it was $5100.01, then I'd understand, but she is just feeding you BS, which you know. I would definitely wait to file the complaint, because it's the only way you'll get your final value fee back, and she totally deserves an unpaid item strike and negative feedback. Totally. However, you can send a second chance offer at any time, so I would send out offers to the next couple highest bidders and kindly explain that the highest bidder has said she is not going to pay, and you're hoping to sell it to one of them. I would send the second chance offers ASAP though, because if you wait too long, those buyers will have probably bought something else and won't be interested any longer. Good luck!!
  10. She said that her max bid was supposed to be $390, but that she typed in $3950. She was in a bidding war with another person and that's why it ended at the price it did.

    I've sent a second-chance offer, and hopefully, the other bidder will take it. Wish me luck.

    I've never left negative feedback before, but I am going to take great pleasure this time when the dispute is over.
  11. What a cow! I hope ebay does something to her -- if youcan show both auctions, maybe they will....
  12. 3950?? Was the bidding war right at the end of the auction?

    I mean... I've done that before... but if that was the case, I sure as hell wouldn't go and buy another bag.

    That's suspicious behavior
  13. even so, it's her fault. she decided to participate in this bid war.
  14. ^^ My point was, maybe it was a typo (cause I've done it, too)...

    In the last few seconds though, it's almost impossible to retract.

    But yea.. her behavior is saying otherwise, I'm just trying to weigh out all of the things that coulda happened.
  15. So sorry this happened to you! I would definetely report her! If you look at the bidding history, I don't think she accidentaly placed a bid at $3950. It shows a bid being placed to where bidder 8's proxy bid was $400.01 and then again at $500.01, then her bid shows as the winner. She had to have entered in another amount after the $400.01, and with 688 feedback she's been around long enough to know that the bid had to be higher than the previous (hope what I typed just made sense! lol)! I think it is just buyer's remorse because she saw the bag cheaper after she won it from you. I would definetely report her butt to ebay!