Hoping you ladies could help me out! NEED TO FIND THIS BAG!!!

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  1. I saw this girl with the cutes chanel bag the other day. Now I dont know much about chanel (so it could have even been fake) I will try and explain it to you ladies and Im hoping someone will be able to tell me the style name, and if its still available.

    It was black leather with the double CC imprinted on the bag (like on the actual leather in leather if that makes sense) it had a long chain so it could be worn crossbody. The actual purse itself was very small kind of roundish. I thought it was PERFECT for going out. Please help me find it! I know this description is probably not the best, but I hope somone understands!
  2. Do you think about half moon WOC? Took this pic from this forum,if it is bag you are looking for,search TPF and you will find all info you need! Good luck!

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  3. THATS IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much! I did a search for WOC and found a whole thread! Sorry for the post but I had no idea what it was called so I couldnt even search! I must have this bag!!!
  4. Glad I can help! Good luck in nu purchase and whenever you go for it PLS post pics! I love this WOC and hope you'll get one soon!
  5. bingo! jasmina! lucky you style law, you got your answer in less than 3 posts! :smile:
  6. you can pre-order for the fall from hirshleifers
  7. ^^ Pre-order means the bag is to be re-released? Is it only from Hirshleifers or other stores too?

    Would the colours be the same as the currently available ones of white, black and bordeaux?

    Pardon my ignorance. Thank you so much!
  8. as far as i know, the black is re-released from hirshleifers because i went to SAKS 5th ave early FEB and the SA say they will not order it again..(then again, i dunno cuz all the SAs were too lazy to help) i pre-ordered for spring so it would be delivered by 5/1....SA sent me new info that this bag can pre-ordered now also for fall to be delivered by around 11/3...so i dunno if you will miss the spring selection...i heard about a rumor that this bag will come out in navy also....there is another thread ( i forgot which one) but it compared this re-released half moon to the "old" version
  9. So I have to pre-order for the fall? I cant get it now? WOW! I guess I can wait that long! But I really wanted it NOW! haha!
  10. Wow Jasmina! I'm sitting here trying to think of the bag... no bag came to mind, but you thought of the exact bag! :smile: