Hoping you can help me find this tote!

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  1. This is something I wish I had gotten when I saw it on the website! It's the tote that looks like this:
    ...but it's the women's one thats a pink plaid like print. It was like different colors all over. I tired searching for a pic of it on here but I didn't really know what to search. I really want to order this bag if they are still available. So if anyone has the item number, I would totally appreciate it, i'm going to the boutique tomorrow! TIA!
  2. Hmm...did you try calling JAX or your local outlets? If they don't have it, you're best bet would be *bay. Good luck finding it! It sounds really cute!
  3. I think I know what bag you are talking about and if it is the right one I recommended it to Tanukiki in a thread she started about finding a tote for work. I can't remember what the title was though
  4. Thanks, i'll try searching for it.
  5. Yay! Found it! Thanks so much Tara for your help. I found it in that thread! Here's a pic in case anyone is interested. It's #70112!
  6. YAY!! it is so cute :yahoo: I hope you can get it!
  7. Wow, that is adorable!! Keep us posted on whether you can get it or not.
  8. I just called and it is still available to order! So i'm going to order it tomorrow when I go to the boutique since I have a bag to return. And I can then use my PCE on it!!