Hoping you can help-Do you know?

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  1. For some reason I can not upload the picture, but I do not know that name of this Balenciaga bag. It looks like a work, but there is no zipper closure

    Thanks for your help!

  2. Could it be the shopper?
  3. Sounds like the "Shopping" style (not to be confused with the "Purse" style, which was also sometimes called the "Shopper" style ... :rolleyes: )

    P.S. I hope I don't have it backwards... ;)
  4. The SHOPPING is one of my favorite styles!!!!

  5. ICB- this is so funny - I just was searching all your posts to find that pic!!! ;) Thank you!

    Is the shopping now discontinued?
  6. LOL! And yes in fact the Purse was first refered to as the Shopper.

    Love the Shopping though. and it was discontinued after the FW 2006 collection.

    More pics from DIABRO.NET


  7. Perfect, thank you...it is the shopper!!!!I am trying to sell it for a friend and she did not know the name-thanks again :smile:
  8. Thanks for this thread! When I was at Barney's NY the other day, they have this style too and I do not know what its called - all I know is that it does not have any zipper closure. Thanks again.
  9. Just a reminder, there is no selling on tPF :yes:
  10. Do you remember what colors Barney's had?
  11. NO NO NO!!! Not the SHOPPER...it's called the SHOPPING.

    lol, see, this was the confusion that fiatflux was talking about!
  12. If she's talking about Barneys Madison Ave...then probably the Shopping in INK...watch out though, that bag has a few more than minor scratches in the front of the bag.
  13. incoralblue & gro3602, I think its a truffle. BUT.... I am not 100% on this. Maybe an ink. I'm sorry I'm not a good help on this :push:. Next time I stop by, I will definitely take notes. :idea: