Hoping to win a HG bag!!

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  1. During my last semester of school a girl in one of my psych classes had this bag and I stared at it ALL class. It ends in about 10 minutes....fingers crossed!!!!
  2. Fingers crossed for you!! Chocolate sig is yummy.
  3. I have my fingers crossed and am sending good luck bag vibes your way. :smile:
  4. Good luck!
  5. Good luck! I hope you win it!
  6. 4 minutes left!!!
  7. good luck! :heart:
  8. Lil more than 1 minute!!!
  9. OOO I hope you win! Good luck! What bag is this?
  10. i hope you win
  11. :woohoo:
  12. I won!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!! It is a chocolate brown shoulder tote with silver hardware. Gorgeous!!!
  13. yay congrats!
  14. Wooo hoooo! I am so happy for you! Thats awesome!
  15. Thanks everyone! Can't wait to get her!