Hoping to change my SO

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  1. I successfully placed a SO during my Sep 09 trip in FSH and since then I keep thinking if the colors I chose (rough vif in cherve w/ Rose shocking lining) really suit me? r vif seems a bit too sharp for me and I like how subtle that RG is. I tried to order RG in cherve but was told it is not available. However, i did a serach lately in reference library and show RG does available in Cherve mysore just not in CDC. I dont really know the difference but I am hoping to change my SO from RV to RG. Is RG in Cherve still available now?

    I also want to keep the leather in cherve cause it is hard to place a cherve order. if RG really doesn't available in cherve, what color would be the closest to RG in clemence?

    About the lining, I am thinking of something like violet or pink(the new color maybe, just not sure if it comes in chevre or not) or just keep the rose shocking? any other suggestions?
  2. please keep the rouge vif in chevre - it's my absolute favorite red. such a bright POP of red. i've never seen RG in chevre but i could be wrong. i'm not if i would do a rose shocking lining. i personally would do a violet lining. red and pink isn't my favorite combo but i LOVE red and purple together. good luck!
  3. I have recently asked a SA regarding RG in chevre mysore, she said its not available, but she could be wrong.

    If anyone could answer this question I would also really appreciate it!! if RG is avaliable in chevre mysore, I'm also in heaven. RG is also on my list, I didn't think its available in chevre, but if any one can confirm this that would be greatly appreciated!!!
  4. My understanding is that RG is not available in chevre and is seemingly being phased out in the other leathers as well, but again I could be wrong...
  5. ^Yes that is correct that RG is being rested for now and they are introducing a new darker red called Ruby. I would keep you SO as I have Rouge Vif and it is stunning (looks a bit pinkish in my avatar). Also I'm not sure how easy it would be to change your SO at this late stage as some members have received their FSH SO's within 6 months.
  6. I agree with Syma that it may not be easy to change your SO at this point. I placed an order at Madison Ave in October and it is too late to change that one. They will probably recommend that you wait until it is completed and if you are not happy with the bag and choose not to take it, they will place another order for you with your requested changes.
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    kim_mac, somtumthai, dreamdoll & Syma,

    RV is a nice red. When I saw the leather book at FSH, it looked quite nice and easy to carry to me. RV is nice in fjord but it is just too heavy. I found RV a bit darker in cherve on FSH leather book but the pics I search here show a brighter red. I am not sure if the leather book is too small and too old that don't show the true RV in cherve or just hard to capture the true color by Digital Cam. That's why I am a bit confused.

    In the case RG is not available in cherve now, I think I would just keep the RV. Lining doesn't make a big different as Rose shocking is also nice though.

    It would be great if I am allowed to do so. I won't be able to show up at FSH again in the coming year.
  8. def too late to change and your only option is to wait for it and see if you love it ..
    RV in chevre is TDF .. :P .. I hope you keep it dear^