Hoping someone can help

  1. Purse fanatic bought a new style giant hobo from Balny in the light green color but is having trouble posting pics. I'm a technical moron and can't explain it to her. she may have to shrink them first. Can someone PM her and offer to help? I would love to see the bag and I bet others would too!
  2. Maybe they could post directions here too so I can learn??? :confused1: or is that against the rules??

    I have two bags I want to show off and my pics are too big too. :rolleyes:
  3. Hey guys! I am a fairly newbie too!! If you go to the main PF area, and go to the Newcomer's Lounge, there is a frequently asked questions area, it really helped me get started when I first arrived!


    There is a thread there: How to post pictures?

    This link really helped - I've also found that all of the pictures I've taken with my digital camera have to be resized, so that they are smaller to upload. If you use a photo program to crop them, then right before you save the picture, it usually asks you about size, I usually pick "medium file" sized 4-5. I will look on my other computer later to see what the program I have been using is called. Good luck! Hope this helps!!

    PS> Can't wait to see pics of your new bags!! Sounds gorgeous!! ;)