Hoping someone can help locate this bag...

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  1. summer of 2006 I received this bag as a gift and unfortunetly it was stolen. It's the large light green and white Hampton caryall, I cannot locate an actual pic of the bag. If anyone knows of one for sale please let me know. I'll pay full price for one in great condition :smile:
  2. If it is satiny, they had these at the tilton outlet in new hampshire. That is too bad that your bag was stolen :sad:
  3. l

    No not satiny, the sig C material is light green or "pear" and the leather is white. my DH bought it for me and keeps asking why i never carry it :sad: One of my "so-called" friends stole it when we were moving to our new house. She was the only one helping that day and it "magically" got lost. YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!! In my heart I know she sold it, she's big into ebay selling and I think that's what happened to it. Right after it was "lost" she stopped talking to me and changed all her ebay names, I told her it was really suspicious and she got real defensive and never spoke to me again.
    I don't want to tell my DH, he vowed to never spend that kind of money on a bag, and surprised me with it one night after I obsessed over it in the window at COACH for weeks. I only carried it once!:crybaby:
  4. Im so sorry to hear that!! What a miserable person! Sorry i can't help, as i have no clue what the bag is, but it sounds very pretty. Hope you find one!!
  5. Thank you.... I check ebay DAILY hoping to find one, my excuse for not carrying it was it's a "summer bag", so now once again he's asking. I'm going to have to fess up soon, and at that point he will vow to never again spend money on a "stinkin purse" as he calls them.:crybaby:
  6. It looked exactly like this one but light green "pear" sig C, and white leather.
  7. this is the color, but the Hampton bag is what I'm looking for.
  8. That is so sad, I'm so sorry! I looked on eBay, but I could only find it in leather.
  9. You're bound to run across it! I looked in the previous won auctions and found mini skinnys/make up cases/hobos/wallets of the pear signature. I also found this that was not won...It is cute, but not a carry all of course! Good luck to you, i will be looking for you when possible :smile:

  10. I think the style number is 10507 (10508 is it's large size?).

    I'll keep my eyes peeled! (still searching)

    You know.. is it possible he might not notice the difference between the green leather ones that are posted above and the one you had?
  11. I don't know if he'll notice the difference between this one and mine, I "MIGHT" be able to pass this one off, he just remebers the colors I think? Can someone send me the link to the ebay auction for this one?

  12. So sweet of you. THANK YOU!