Hoping pointies come back?

  1. I've been out at the malls lately shoe shopping (what else?) and I've noticed so many shops have so few pointies left for sale. I still see lots of girls wearing them and they are still my favorite style heels. Is anyone else hoping that pointies come back into fashion very soon?
  2. Nope, I was praying for the longest time that rounded toes and platforms would come back.
  3. I don't think pointed toes are really "out" since they've become the "classic" silhouette of Y2K. Just my $0.02 :yes:
  4. I don't think they're out either. I just think round and peep are really in at the moment.
  5. :yes: i think so too...
    i wear both depending on how i feel.

  6. It is time again to issue my periodic Public Service Warning:

    If you have longish feet, especially if you are short and have longish feet, and REALLY especially if you are short, with short legs and longish feet, please note your entire silhouette before purchasing pointy shoes, and put them back on the shelf when you realize that adding two or three inches to your foot length makes you look like you are preparing for a taping of Sesame Street, your Guest Star Appearance as the Letter "L"
  7. I agree.
  8. I think the extremely pointy toes are a trendy thing, but the "regular," less pointed toes (for lack of a better description) are classic.
  9. i say wear whatever looks good with ur outfit and don't worry about if it's in or out.
  10. That's me, and probably why I never got into pointies.

    I like those almond-shaped toes that are becoming popular...not stubby but not all winklepicker-ish.
  11. I agree. It was just hard to find the less pointed toes among the 3" plus points. I have bigger feet so I'm happy to see more round toes again since I wouldn't add an extra 3" to my feet with the extremely pointed ones.
  12. I have to agree that I prefer gentler toes, and even the trendy round or blunt toes. I just cannot get over that my feet look like they belong to the court jester with the additional space at the toe (and my feet aren't huge - they are average size). It looks ridiculous to me.
  13. I like some pointy toe shoes, but a few of the Blahniks, I can't even get the front of my foot all the way in, because I have wide feet in the front.
    I am fine with his open toed shoes.
  14. i love pointy shoes i still wear mine but round toes are def in right now thats all i see girls wearing
  15. I've always loved the classic pointed toe, but I don't think it's out.