Hoping for my 1st LV en Paris...

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  1. I am going to Berlin in two weeks and then to Paris for a few days before coming back to NYC. I have been planning on getting the monogram speedy 35 (my very first LV!!) while I'm in Paris (cheaper & it will be so much more memorable) but after reading so many threads on tpf about a "shortage" I'm concerned I will get there & they won't have what I want! What do you guys think? Do I have anything to worry about? Any other options? TIA!
  2. I think a lot of us have been getting different answers from our SA's, some people have heard as far out as January, I honestly think it will depend on timing, you may get lucky! I will keep my fingers crossed for you, Wonderful choice for your first LV :smile:
  3. Hope for the best and if it doesn't pan out maybe you will find something you hadn't considered yet.
  4. I was in Paris a few days ago, and they had speedy's there, and lots of people were buying them too, neverfuls and speedys were mostly what people were getting.

    Things do go out of stock, I had wanted to Montorgueil GM but that was out of stock, and I had purchased the last Electric Pont Neuf PM. Not sure when they restock.. they shouldn't be out of stock very long since they're so close to the factory that makes the bags.

    I totally recommend getting a bag and a wallet or more than 1 bag. The prices are so much better in Paris.
  5. Thanks for all the input ladies!! I checked on the website and it looks like there are six LV's in Paris? Fingers crossed that at least ONE of them has what I want!

    lycn4717 I am going to get the monogram speedy 35 & I'm leaning towards the monogram sarah wallet
  6. I actually just returned from Paris on Sunday! I went into the Flagship store with the intention to buy a Damier Neverfull GM. I couldn't make up my mind. There was one left and this very nice girl and her boyfriend were there hoping to purchase the same bag. I told her to take it since it was her birthday and I was so indecisive. So we walked down the street to the other LV store and decided to buy a new Mono Speedy 35. I love it! It was the last one in the store :smile: They have several stores in Paris, so if they don't have what you want at one of them.. I am sure they will have it at another. Since the speedy 35 was the last one left.. I felt like it was just meant to be. Plus.. I paid about $600 us dollars for mine, and then the tax refund was about $70 on it, but we didn't have time to do it. So if you have the chance- buy it there!!
  7. ^ That was really kind of you to let her have it. It's nice to hear stories like that. :smile:
  8. It was her birthday :smile: I couldn't be rude and tell her "I saw it first." I believe in Karma :smile: What goes around comes around..
  9. I live in France, and last week I went to Paris and I wanted to get a keepall then I go to the boutigue of Avenue Montaigne and they did not have any keepall and was the same in every boutique in Paris, then I came back home and I have contacted others LV boutiques in France and it's impossible to find a keepall, any size any leather...... I'm still waiting to find my Keepall :sad:
  10. While I was in Paris, I stopped at the Champs-Elysees store. After waiting in line and finally getting into the store it took forever to find someone to help me. Finally a woman said she was getting an SA for me. She never returned. I went and found her and she said she'd help me herself (I got the impression that she was a manager or something and that I was bothering her by trying to purchase something in the store). She looked in the computer and told me that there were ZERO monogram speedy 30's or 35's (I had her check for both because I was still undecided on the size) in all of Paris. So I asked her to check for the damier ebene -- which she huffed and puffed about -- and told me the same thing about that bag. I left the store devastated, I felt like like Julia Roberts when she tries goes shopping on Rodeo Drive in Pretty Woman (except for the whole hooker thing) :cry:

    We were walking back to our hotel later that day and at this point I was fully recovered and had accepted the fact that I would not be bringing home my first Louis from Paris. We were passing Galeries Lafayette so we went in to look around and LV was empty so I popped in just to double check. The SA there who was sooo incredibly nice told me that the Bon Marche store had more than 1 monogram speedy 30 at that exact moment or if I could wait until the next day she would have 10 in. I decided to wait and I was at the door the second they opened. I got my beautiful bag as well as the emilie wallet in rouge!!! I am absolutely obsessed with both!!!

    What started as an awful experience turned out to have a happy ending after all :happydance:
  11. Aww, I'm glad it all worked out!! :nuts:

    CONGRATULATIONS!! I wish I were still in Paris!
  12. That would be a fabulous and memorable experience to buy your first LV in paris. I say go for it!---Glad you got your bag! How exciting!!
  13. Congrats on your first lv!!
    So lucky that you get it in paris, enjoy the speedy!! (:
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    What a great ending!