Hopelessly out of style bags..

  1. Okay, let's start this thread again WITHOUT the Loser in the title. I really didn't mean it in a bad way.. guess what was silly in my mind did not translate well to text (in a big way.. lol). My bad, so sorry!

    Anyhow I've just gotten into this bag thing after a stint of 4 years with one purse (yes kids..4 years, one purse - Kenneth Cole and I must say it held up pretty well). However I'm pretty much out of the loop as to what is trendy (and not) these days. Interested in hearing your thoughts!

  2. I try to purchase bags that never go out of style. Totes, hobo, flap, messenger. I have seen people with Gucci satchels that I wish I still had in my possession.
  3. now I take issue with the word "hopelessly"

    JUST KIDDING!:lol:

    hmmmm. this is a toughy now. I'm the kind of gal that appreciates all things retro. the kookier the better sometimes. I guess I'm over some of the sequined hobo bags. but in 5 years, I'll love them again!:shame:
  4. I guess I try to stick to bags that will never go out of style. For me, out of style bags incude those with logos all over them.
  5. For me, Vera Bradley is eternally nasty for bags, and always will be! I also don't like Dooney and Bourke or Kate Spade nylon... those are way too dated now IMHO.
  6. That happens to me ALOT!!! :lol: So I completly understand.
    I think the bags from a few years ago that had cute little sayings like "Mrs. Ashton Kutcher" & the jelly bags with a large initial on the front are pretty out of style.
  7. So let me ask this.. what is the distinction between lower and higher end bags?? I'm getting the impression that Coach, D&B, Kate Spade are lower end.... why is that?? Obviously cost but what else??? Sorry if this is a stupid question.. :smile:
  8. Cute bags are cute bags, no matter what the cost IMO.
  9. i agree.
    and ugly bags are ugly bags, regardless of designer and price.
  10. :yes: The Himalaya is proof of that.
  11. If it's a good name brand and you wait awhile, it will come back into style.

    I recently re-discovered my HUGE black leather quilted Chanel with gold chain handles. It was so out of style, I threw it in the basement and didn't want to look at such a flashy thing. I had put it away for so many years, I forgot about it! Suddenly it looks fresh again and everyone comments on how great it is when I carry it.

    If it's a quality/luxury bag... you will find it comes back into style. Just wait.
  12. I personally think nylon Prada bags with the big triangle logo look dated. I also think anything that was a super "it" bag is bound to look out of style a couple of years after it is introduced. For example those Dior bags that look like saddles are on the down swing for me. I think (unfortunately b/c I love them both!) that Chloe Paddingtons and MJ Stam are headed that way too.

    The thing is, (like Jayne1 illustrates) you might put one of these bags away and find that it looks fresh in a few years. Or your daughters might discover it in a few more years...
  13. higher end bags are designed by people who have made the grade and have the balls to ask $2000 for their designs very much like an artist who has arrived can now ask $500,000 for a painting or an actor that can now command 20 million dollars for a film. all bags are held together pretty much the same way. depending on how you treat them, a $200 bag can last as long as that $10,000 bag. I have bags from both ends of the spectrum and I love them all! not one has fallen apart on me yet! (what the hell do people do with their bags to make them fall apart anyway? carry gold bricks around?)
  14. I would agree with this 100%, especially the Very Bradley. So ugly! I also find Brighton bags to be really dowdy, but that's just my opinion. The worst bags, I think, are those wallet-on-a-string things. You know, the fat wallet with a loooong strap that makes it a shoulder bag? Hate those. Just get a shoulder bag!
  15. I think it totally depends on where you live. Something that might be 'so last season' in LA could be the new hip thing in my little 1 horse town.
    How 'bout a big 'ol nylon neon FANNY PACK! - hot stuff!