Hopefully success in posting a pic.....

  1. ....finally managed to take a pic of my new LH...but the quality isn't that great as I used my phone....and this is my first time trying to attach a photo...hope this works...wish I could tell if it worked before posting [ha]
  2. Looks great. Love the LH.
  3. Oooh she's lovely! And the picture is really good, what kind of phone? Hah! Congrats!
  4. I see it, looks good. Congrats!
  5. Very lovely...picture isn't so bad. :yes: Congrats!
  6. Pretty bag and good job on the picture!
  7. *phew* so glad it worked...thanks a bunch!!! It's just a Motorola sumthin-er-other...I was experimenting w/it over the weekend as I can't seem to stop buying bags and invest in a digi cam...so I snapped and then sent to my e-mail, then saved to my computer...I was so unsure of what the heck I was doing...still not 100%...but since this worked, will try and take pics of the rest of my collection at some point in the near future.
  8. Great bag & great pic!

    (try clicking the 'preview post' to see how your pics look before submitting)

  9. Thanks!! *makes mental note*:yes:
  10. yeah, that works for me, bc i hold my breath everytime i post pics , i'm completely incompetent with this stuff....
    the bag is lovely! congrats!:yahoo:
  11. Congrats :yahoo: and enjoy!
  12. I love it! congrat's :yahoo: and enjoy using her. :smile:
  13. Great job with the camera phone! oh, and of course the bag is great!
  14. LOL... you're just like me! I've been wanting a new digital camera for a few months now but seriously hesitate spending $200-$300 on a camera. Then I stop and think about how much I'm willing to drop on a purse and I begin to wonder if I'm crazy :blink:
  15. Congrats!