Hopefully Someone Can Help

  1. After all the '06 legacy satchels went to the outlets I purchased one and love it! :tup: I bought a pond colored bag and was curious about the different colors the bag came in. Just when I thought I had seen all the colors I spotted one in rose!! :drool: I have searched high and low for this bag and can't seem to find a picture of the actual bag though. I was hoping someone owned one and could post a picture? I would really appreciate it, i've been searching eBay and around the forum but the only one I have been able to find is from the drilldown. Thank you so much for your help!!:smile:
  2. That is definetely a beautiful bag your looking for. Hopefully someone will be able to reply with pics. soon!
  3. Isn't it Kimmie!! :yes:I just purchased the rose shoulder bag, like the one in your pic, and i'm absolutely in love with it! I think it needs an older siser though:smile: hopefully someone is able to help!
  4. If only they made an Ali or a large Bleeker flap in this color. Heck I just wish I could find the rose slim flap. I'd REALLY be SO happy with even that :love::yes:
  5. tanukiki, i thought they did make an ali in the rose? I'm not positive but thought I saw it on eBay. I would post and see if someone knows or keep an eye out on eBay! :flowers:
  6. Biggestbaglover, do you know of a member having the satchel in rose? Maybe I missed a post.
  7. I haven't seen anyone post a satchel in rose. I know that it is supposed to exist but I have never seen one IRL. They did not even have them in the stores in my area and one of them is a "Select" store. Maybe they were exclusives made for Las Vegas or Hawaii or maybe they were made for
    Have you tried calling JAX with the style number from the drilldown to see what they have to say?
  8. The slim flap came out in Rose. Even though a Rose Ali shows up in the drilldown, to my knowledge it never actually came out.
  9. I have called JAX and all I have been told is that they are sold out. It seemed to me they werent sure either, it could have just been the woman I spoke to. I hope someone knows! :s
  10. It may have been made specifically for a certain state or country but I sure hope thats not the case! :hrmm:
  11. I have the rose shoulder bag (& wristlet). I've also got a camera I've yet to figure out how to use.

    Here's a photo from my phone's camera. Sorry about the poor quality.
    Mi & Rose Coach Legacy.jpg
  12. Thanks Chrystal, thats the bag I have. :tup: Do you know if they made the satchel in rose or anyone who has it? I would love to see a pic of the actual bag, not just the one found in the drilldown.
  13. I know they made the satchel in rose, as someone had posted a photograph of it recently (though I don't recall where). That helps you a whole lot, doesn't it?

    Sorry . . . the only thing I can think of is ebay. Have you looked at the new catalogue? It seems there were some nice rose items in the new spring collection, which comes out in February.

    If you had your mind pretty much set on the Legacy satchel, I can understand your frustration. Good luck on your search!