Hopefully (finally) getting a job!

  1. I WAS going to go to work at the local David's Bridal, but when my Dad got sick I decided I needed to stay at home with him and passed up on my opportunity. I love weddings and wedding gowns and I would do a great job at David's, but I don't want to drive 30 solid minutes to get to work in the morning when I HATE mornings anyway! Get where I'm coming from?

    So our next door neighbors, my parents best friends in the world and my second set of parents basically, tell me about this restaurant opening in our tiny little nothing town. His first cousins daughter is reopening one of the best restaurants we ever had and is renaming it The Stagecoach Grill. (Long story, it USED to be called Tabitha's, but one morning Tabitha's employees found her dead in her living room so the place shut down.) Anyway, Chuckie (the neighbor) called his cousin and asked if I could have a job and she said pretty much yeah, but that I needed to come in and put in an application and list him as a refernce. Pretty much my job is in the bag.

    Here's my dilema...I know I've ALWAYS got a dilema...with the local restaurants here (Stagecoach is 12 minutes from my house) the employees don't wear uniforms and it's like walking into a Waffle House at midnight....the waitresses have 2 teeth in their head, frizzy hair, no makeup....it's scary to think I'll be in the middle of all that.

    So I need cute ways to wear my long hair. I know they're gonna want me to pull it up. I just started wearing Bare Essentuals make up and I'm not worried about my makeup these days....and, God forbid, if we DON'T have uniforms (unlike the local BBQ joint where the waitresses wear Xtra small black tank tops and short short short shorts), what on earth could I possibly wear?

    And SHOES! Comfy right?

    Any tips for getting tips? My brother and his wife live 5 hours away and she works at a diner where they live, she gets 500 dollars a week in TIPS! IN TIPS!!!! HOW DO I DO THAT?! Smile and pour coffee is what my ex-waitress Mama says.

    Any help would be appriciated. I go to apply Monday morning at 8...when the doors open. My only worry is that I'm not 18 yet, and people don't want to hire 17 year olds...but one of my friends is 16 and is working at the short shorts BBQ joint. So I shouldn't be worried....right?