Hopefully becoming a volunteer at the animal shelter!

  1. I just sent in my application to become a volunteer at the shelter where my BF and I got our puppy Max back in October.

    I have been thinking lately of how heartbreaking it is to think of all of the poor animals who desperatly need a loving home. I wanted to make a difference and I figured this was the best place to start!! Hopefully I will be able to work at the shelter at least twice a week if not more!!

    YAY!! :yahoo:

    If you guys have any free time I urge you to try and volunteer or at least donate to an animal shelter, every bit really does count!

    I will keep you posted!!
  2. yaaaay!:wlae: that's exciting!! I wish you all the best!
  3. Yay! Good luck!
  4. I did this for a couple of months too when I had the chance, strongly recommend it!
  5. I would love to do this but I am afraid I would become too attached to the animals and my DH has pretty much told me that 8 cats and 2 dogs is the LIMIT.
  6. ^yeah I am a little nervous about that too...but I feel as though I need to do something to give back ya know?! And if I know they are going to a good home that is enough for me!!
  7. That is so awesome!

    I am starting to volunteer at the Arizona Humane Society. I can't wait!!
  8. I am a dog walker at our local shelter -- to echo the above comments I highly recommend it! It's a great feeling to get the big dogs out and exercise them. Plus, they are teaching me so much about training and just overall becoming a better pack leader :smile:
  9. I have been a volunteer at the Humane Society for several years now and though heartbreaking it is very rewarding.
  10. Before I had kids I volunteered at a local no kill shelter taking the dogs out for walks. I loved it, but it was really hard to leave them/
  11. I submitted a proposal to the NC Department of Corrections several years ago that lead to the NLOL coming to our county this Spring. Unfortunately physical problems prevent me from being involved as I wish I could be, but it's a huge warm fuzzy to see it come to fruition! I'm really hopeful that my upcoming surgery will fix the mess the other quack made of me and I can spend some time at the prison unit working with the inmates and the dogs. In the meantime though, it feels good to get periodic reports that it's going so well! :smile:

    These are two of the first four trainers and one of the first two NLOL dogs that I snapped a pic of during the Kick Off ceremony in April. :love:




  12. Congratulations! :yahoo: I would love to do that but unfortunately I have very little time for anything this year so I'm going to wait until it's possible for me to do so. I have always wanted to volunteer at a shelter and I know one day I will do it!

    Please let us know how it goes, alright? :nuts: :flowers:
  13. Congrats! I volunteer at my local SPCA. I also foster animals from there as well. It is a lot of fun and very rewarding. There are so many animals that just need some love. :smile:
  14. Hopefully I will hear from them this week...

    I can't wait!!
  15. I volunteer at my local shelter and love it. Good for you - you are making a difference.