Hopefully another additon to my LV monogram family...

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  1. I just paid for the mongram key and change holder from Let-Trade. Then about 2 mins after I paid via Paypal the listing was gone!!! So I am keeping my fingers crossed the little LV is mine!! It will be a nice addition to my little LV collection. I didn't need it but it was a good deal and I just wanted to buy something! HA! HA!
  2. oh, i am so crossing my fingers for ya, girl!
  3. lol. I have a good feeling the Cles will be yours.
  4. ^ mee too!
    i hope you get it!
  5. Thanks!
  6. i hope you get it.
  7. im crossing my finger now ;) don't forget to post the pic when you get it
  8. Please let us know if you got her!! Crossing my fingers for you-
  9. me too1 i think it's yours also! but I will cross my fingers and toes and hair for you just in case!
  10. aww! I hope you get it too!!!
  11. Best of luck *fingers crossed for ya*
  12. I hope you get it!
  13. turns out it is mine, yippee!!!!! i just LVoe let-trade!!!
  14. Congrats! :flowers: