Hope you'd love to see these new pics of 2011 bags.

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  1. When do the new colours come in?
  2. The jacket I need a close up!
  3. I think I like the Ardoise. What do we know about hardware? Is rose gold coming back?
  4. Thanks for posting this! I'm looking forward to the nuage, mimosa, and ardoise bags. So excited!
  5. A certain seller on eBay is selling 2011 "Glitter" items; could these be their "Holiday" items??? Did anyone hear about this line being available????
  6. Barney's at Copley has some of the glitter Papier style bags, but I didn't see any accessories.
  7. Printemps in Paris has some glitter papier bags too
  8. NM in Palo Alto has a lot of glitter bags too. No accessories though. I don't think?
  9. Mytheresa.com has glitter items available on the website.
  10. Uh oh .. I'm in SERIOUS trouble then; I just love anything Metallic!!
  11. ^^I just checked out the metallic line and thought of YOU! :P
  12. ^^I know *beaux* ... and here I've been seriously thinking about a Papier Tote anyhow!!! Just perfect for toting all my work stuff [NOT - since I work for an institutional investment firm!!].

  13. I love the new milkyway items too. I have my eye on a coinpurse or wallet maybe (although I just got the 09 stardust so I probably don't need the wallet as much). I think a black or beige Papier tote would work with a conservative outfit - give it the edge it needs. I actually find the papier totes more formal, minimal and clean looking then other Bal totes.
  14. YEAH ... that's the ticket!! :nuts::graucho:;):yahoo:
  15. How did I miss this thread? Drooling for nuage, mimosa, grenadine.