Hope you'd love to see these new pics of 2011 bags.

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  1. omg, looking forward to seeing them IRL ! Thanks for sharing :biggrin:
  2. I AGREE WITH missmerion:yes:: militaire looks a bit dull in pictures ,i think my wallet is safe for me too :sweatdrop:(but ardoise could be interesting IRL :amuse:!
  3. I think these colors would be great for accessories so I think my wallet is safe (kinda), but I'd love a Click, CP's or a Pencil in Ardoise, Nuage, and Mimosa.
  4. Oooooh theres something birkin about those bags... but the colors are fab!!
  5. My eyes are drawn to vieux rose......how unexpected. And I'm still hopeful about militaire.
  6. Um... Militaire isn't much interesting now.

    I'm still longing for one bag in Ardoise. Should it be a SGH PT or RH Work?

    Grenadine look so beautiful here. ;) I think maybe it's time I get myself a new wallet. :smile: Which one should I get, the money or mini money. One's too big, another's just too small.
  7. Can be the bag in the first pic the dark knight mentioned in the other tread?
  8. Maybe one of the 2 Noirs that Ches named above could turn out to be Dark Knight!!
  9. This is exactly what I was going to post about. In the pic, the first one on the left looks dark blue to me, not black.

    I hope I can have finally a dark blue! I'd like to get a maxi twiggy or strategy in dark blue.
  10. what's up with the birkin style! ohhh nooo!!!!
  11. I NEED NUAGE!!!:cry::cry::cry::pout:
  12. Nothing's really catching my eye....good thing for my wallet!
  13. agreed!
  14. Ditto from me. I feel the same way. A little disappointed......but a mimosa pencil is on my list - I hope the colour is brighter then it appears in some pics though.
  15. Do you think bal botique already has swatches? i whant to see them irl!