Hope you'd love to see these new pics of 2011 bags.

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  1. Thanks ruirui! you've always got the best gos!
  2. ita!!!
  3. That's a good thing: it means you're content with what you already have:smile:

    I put up my hand for so many colours and styles last season, and said "no" to just as many once I saw them in real life.

    I've got my eye on three colours for the coming season. However, once I see them in real life, I'll be lucky if I say "yes" to more than one of them.

    I think it's just overload of a good thing, and we all need to take a break at some time. Aarponen had that happen to her, and while I do miss seeing her fabulous posts, I think she is much happier now!
  4. ITA CeeJay :yes:

    if the Vieux Rose is what I have in mind... might just finally found my kind of pink :graucho: and definitely need to see how's the Militaire compare to the Light Olive.
  5. vieux rose looks like the color I thought it would be. :love: ooh, I'm so gonna get it no matter what!

    Mimosa is very promising too. I think a minipompon or twiggy twisted would be pretty.. Now I'm confused between nauge and ardoise. which one should I choose...

    I like militaire too. I think it's a bit darker than light olive but much lighter than cypress.

    I don't really like the grenadine though.
  6. That money pic is to die for. I must get a money now, maybe cause I'm fairly new to bal, but I've just got it bad for the city, the other styles are not grabbing me....
  7. Ardoise looks too purple to me. Wished it was a darker, true grey. The Anthra though looks promising based on the pic.
  8. Thank God someone understands me! :biggrin: Yes I am pretty much happy with what I have now. They all just seem to be repeats of what I already have and love. I'll be enjoying all that I have for now. :yahoo:
  9. those flapped papier bags look odd...
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    Holy Mother! What is that divine purple-ish color?! I NEED THAT! NOW! The Mimosa and Ardoise are lovely as well... :smile:
  11. omggg the mess with the perforation and ball studs! and the hermes wannabe is killing me too. But nice colors.
  12. ^^Agree - the new perforation design is hideous! I'm hoping for something small and cute in mimosa/RH
  13. I don't care for the perforation, either. :sad: I don't like the flap thingy on some of the bags... I want distinctly BAL. :biggrin:
  14. Oh yes that color looks awesome doesn't it!! :nuts:

  15. Thank you RIU for sharing, and thanks to all other girls who posted pics!

    I was interested in militaire but now I'm not sure of that... nothing to go out of head for me at the moment... Better for my wallet :P