Hope you got your Cobalt Sophia...


Jul 29, 2009
i just got mine (i havent posted a reveal yet, but posted about being excited about having ordered the cobalt and the black studded kristin). While the Kristin is FANTASTIC my cobalt has some issues with the patent. Part of the panels are smooth, part are crinkled. I need to bring it in to have the SA look at it. Wondering if anyone else had that issue? May post about that separately.
I had the same issue with the Cobalt one I ordered, I ordered it from Jax, part crinkled, part not, and it had a loose stitch. So I just exchanged it at the MOA store for an all smooth one a couple weeks ago.

However I thought I read somewhere on this forum before that the smooth patent in time will eventually become crinkled..not sure if this is true or not.

I have used my Crimson patent sophia for almost two months straight now and no issues with the patent beginning to crinkle. Its the small size and I keep her plump full.