Hope you don't mind me posting here about another brand...

  1. That is such a cute post! Congrats on your Hermes goodies!:flowers:
  2. Congrats..it's a georgous, georgous bag!!! :drool: Now I have to come clean...I actually sneaked into the H forum this morning and read your post. :sweatdrop:
  3. congrats stacy! :yahoo: it's absolutely stunning! :love: i'm glad you shared here, bc otherwise i would have missed it.....what a great day and you tell a good tale....i so enjoyed it!:yes:
  4. Congrats!!! Now I am loving this bag!!!
  5. You got some AMAZING goodies, and that Birkin with the shocking rose interior is TDF! Congratulations, yay!! :smile:

  6. Another beautiful H purchase:love: . Congrats!
  7. That bag is GORGEOUS Stacy, but I'm gonna have to :lecture: for the "undressing" posts. I can't stand those, sorry.:shame:

    How awesome for you that they had a Birkin available, and what an idiot that person was that didn't pick it up.
  8. Wow Stacey!!!!

    It is so gorgeous. The lining is TDF.

    Congrats on a real beauty.
  9. Congrats Stacy! Your Birkin is drop dead gorgeous, the lining is stunning too. It looks amazing on you. =)
  10. I read the whole thread... great story and fabulous bag!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  11. Wow, congrats on your H bag! It's so beautiful!
  12. thanks girls!!! sorry Mon but a girl likes to spin a good tale now and again! :smile:
  13. So pretty!
  14. omg...that is amazingly gorgeous! i never thought i'd like a birkin...but you have changed my mind!! the lining alone is worth the price tag! congrats!