Hope this work! :) My Chanel accessories!!

  1. Hi everyone! :smile: So I've finally figured out how to use this digital camera of mine, and took some pictures of my Chanel accessories! I've enjoyed all of your pictures so much, so I figured I'd try to actually post a few pics haha (about time I know)! I'm missing a pair of sunnies (they're in my car), but here's what I've got... most of it I've purchased at Chanel boutiques, and Neiman's, a few pieces from reputable eBay sellers... enjoy! Ohhh, and sorry about all of the links, but I haven't figured how to go from 0 to 60 yet haha :smile:









    Image of More sunnies yay! - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

  2. VERY NICE!!! I saw the first pic of all of those pretty black boxes and got excited. :yahoo:
  3. WOW! very nice accessories
  4. i love the pearls!
  5. WOW!!!!!! I love your necklaces. you have a great collection .
  6. That's such an impressive collection, drooling over here :drool:
  7. Great pieces!!!! I love to see everyones Chanel stuff!!!!
  8. Thanks so much everyone!! :smile: The big gold one with the crystals in it is actually a belt (but can be worn like a necklace). Thing is, I'd feel a little like Ice T if I rocked that as a long necklace haha, but doubled up I love it, and better still as a belt!
  9. WOW!!! Really awesome collection! I love everything!!! :drool:
  10. Beautiful accessories' collection!
  11. I loved seeing all the boxes lined up! You have a great collection!

    I also have those pearls... they're one of my favourite accessories. Do you find you wear one of your necklaces everyday?
  12. Wow I love all your pieces :love:
  13. you've got lots of nice accessories, gorgeous collection.
  14. Hi Jayne1! I wear my accessories a lot, yeah. :smile: If im in jeans and a casual top, I love wearing a pretty Chanel necklace to glam it up a bit haha. I find myself wearing my blue and clear rhinestone one a lot recently, but I love do love them all :smile:
  15. i got excited seeing all those black boxes too. love your accessories.