Hope noone minds but I just waanted to share.................

  1. A beautiful text that I just got from my son after having a Valentines night out with his G/F :

    "Nearly at xxxxxxx house now, had a great night! 'was just thinking I'm so glad that u're my mum! You do so much 4 me, couldn't have got better!"

    Guys I'm not bragging but it brought tears to my eyes on a night when I was feeling very lonely & down!

    I sent back message

    "Aw thanks, son, Glad you're my son also, 'couldn't have asked for better"

    & I couldn't!!!! My son & daughter are the best!

    Anyone else want to share a message or deed that made them feel good?
  2. I have really close guy friend and he sent me some flowers today. After I thanked him he sent me, "Every girl deserves to have flowers on Valentines Day (especially nice and cute ones!)"

    It made me chuckle.
  3. aww that's so sweet
  4. That message was soooo sweet, it brought tears to MY eyes!!
    I received some loving text messages from friends today telling me how much they love me........my hubby gave my a card which is like a MIRACLE.....so overall a nice day for me too!!
  5. How sweet!
  6. Aw - that made me tear up. I'm such a sap. So sweet!
  7. Awwww..!:love:
  8. Oh Roz...that's just the best thing he could have ever said, huh?! And...the fact that he seized the moment and actually SAID it! "Good boy!" You've taught him well, mama!:cutesy:
  9. Ah so nice!
  10. Delighted for you Chodessa :smile:
  11. Yes was so nice, I like to think I have taught them well LOL, thanks
  12. Me too, a real sap LOL
  13. Aww!!! great end to Valentines Day, like who needs useless ex!!!! Kids bought me voucher for massage in luxury spa, couldn't have got better with all stress at the minute, mum ill, eBay playing up, blah, blah blah!!!!
    Can't wait for my appointment! I tell you I adore designer bags but when it comes to my kids --- no contest, my real loves in life!! They make it all worthwhile! & my friends here on TPF ---- just what would i do without them. Love to all :love: :love: :love: Going to sleep now :yes:
  14. Awwwww, that tugged at my heart! Very blessed to have such children, Roz!!!
  15. Truly blessed, thanks :smile: