Hope I didnt just screw myself

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  1. Just wondering, if a seller responded to a negative or a neutral feedback and called the buyer out for being dishonest would you tend to think badly of the seller, maybe think they were difficult to deal with etc?

    Here is the deal I sold a pair of designer earrings a couple months ago, well I heard nothing from the buyer for over a month after the sale, well I didnt have anything listed and I wasnt buying anything so I had not been on ebay for several days and when I did go in I see that I have had a claim filed against me (it was right at 30 days after the sale that she filed) and it has already been closed and decided in the buyers favor. In the case she stated "I wore the earrings several times but now they are all tarnished, they are fake" and she has left me a neutral feedback claiming that I sold her counterfeit earrings (she also states in her feedback recieved refund!) .

    They absolutely were not fake they came from ann's fab finds, but the thing that really got me is that she admits to wearing them several times, if I suspected that I had bought fake earrings I wouldnt wear them a month then decide to get my money back. But nonetheless ebay still closed the case in her favor, I am guessing because I didnt respond in my 7 days to the case because I hadnt been on there and didnt know there was a case. Which ok I accept responsibility for that totally my fault I guess for not checking my ebay mail. But the thing that has me the most pissed is that ebay refunded her and DID NOT make her return the earrings to me, so she has my money and my earrings. I have live helped and called ebay on this and have been told the same thing, the case has already been closed and the buyer may/may not have been instructed to return the item. This just really makes me mad because she more or less stole those earrings from me, and I have fumed over it for a while now, I have waited over 2 weeks thinking maybe she would return them but I know that if she were going to I would have them back by now so I responded to her feedback and stated that she had recieved a refund and kept the item and was dishonest.

    Now that I have done it though I'm kinda worried thinking what if future buyers see that and think I was being a ***** by replying like that? I hope it doesn't deter potential buyers by making them think that I am some hateful mean person thats gonna screw them over.
  2. No, not at all - I have had to do the same before - I think people know that there are less than fantastic buyers out there to deal with!
  3. I'm sure the buyer won the dispute because you didn't respond. It sounds llike buyer's remorse, which sucks & is wrong. Your follow up feedback would not deter me from buying from you, but I think eBay might remove it if the buyer complains. Sorry you went through this, I agree it's very wrong for her to keep the earrings & the money.
  4. Since sellers can no longer leave PITA buyers their well deserved negative fb responding to fb is the only way to get their side of the story. I just wish Ebay gave us more space - lOL!
  5. Feedback withdrawls are rare so responding to feedback left is sometimes the only way a seller can set the story straight. As long as the response is factual and professional it is fine. Angry or hostile sounding responses don't help a seller's profile though - these should be avoided.
  6. i dont know what material the earrings were made of but real silver tarnishes. a lot of people dont understand that.
  7. Sorry to hear about this situation. Never a fun to be out the money and out the earrings, I would attempt to contact them one last time and ask for them back. Maybe she will do the right thing.
  8. Absolutely agree 100% here. If a seller is left negative or neutral feedback, I would want the seller to respond. As a potential buyer, if I see lots of negs or neutrals like that with no response, I think the seller is guilty.

    HOWEVER.. I also look at the tone of the response. If it's stating the facts and professional, great. But if the seller is very rude and nasty in the response, and there's a pattern of that, I end up thinking it's not worth the potential hassle of dealing with a difficult and rude seller.

    BUT if you respond to only one or two like that, and you have a lot of good feedback, then I understand. Just this buyer's perspective. :-s
  9. ^^Agreed! I am a buyer only and read the seller's feedback and response to neg/neutrals. If they sound angry, I would not want to deal with them unless it was once.
  10. I agree. There are MANY times that buyers deserve negative feedback. Like the ones that ask for partial refunds for no reason, and the ones that take a week to pay... Or in cases like THIS!
  11. So sorry about your story. I think the best way to have the earnings back is to keep phoning her. If she's still ignoring you, phone her at midnight! It sounds rude but I wouldn't let her get away easy like this if I were you.

    By the way, I am having the same situation like yours. I sold a new sealed in box perfume, that buyer gave me positive feedback and then 1 month later she contacted me, saying that the perfume is counterfeit and she asked for a full refund after been using it for a month! Jezz those mean buyers, I want to shoot them all! :noggin:
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    My random thoughts regarding this situation.

    If you did not buy these designer earrings from the boutique you really have no way of knowing if they are authentic. ALL second hand purchases should be authenticated by an outside source. ALL. I just emailed The Turnabout Shoppe about a fake LV they had listed and they immediately removed it. Fakes do slip in their inventory.

    Your buyer wore the earrings and they tarnished that is why she thought they were fakes. I know you are irritated that they were worn, but before she wore them she thought they were real. It would be like carrying a mirror fake bag a couple times and then it falls apart...the act of it falling apart is what would make you realize it was fake. Also, the fact that you never responded to her or the case would have totally made her think they were fakes. I know I would.

    If I were looking at one of your auctions, as a buyer I would be concerned that you are not a responsive seller and would avoid you. Sorry. Lack of communication by a seller is a big turnoff. Oh, and if I saw that you wrote mean things back I would be hesitant to buy from you.

    And, regarding the seller not returning your earrings. They were deemed counterfeits. Counterfeits are never returned to sellers. They are to be destroyed. And, your buyer is probably not wearing the tarnished things anyway!

    Oh, and you only got a neutral! It isn't the end of the world! BTW, I didn't see what your exact posted reply to the feedback was. You stated you "called the buyer out for being dishonest." What did you write?

    Don't mean to sound harsh. I am really not a b!tch!
  13. No my friend it is harrassment and that is against the law. Being rude is not. The seller should have checked her email and replied promptly. It is part of responsible selling.

    The item has been deemed counterfeit and the buyer is told not to return it.
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    Buyer Protection policy from ebay:

    What happens if a buyer believes an item is not authentic?
    Items that are suspected of being counterfeit are covered by the eBay Buyer Protection Policy, subject to the above and these additional terms:

    Sellers and buyers must work together in good faith during the resolution process to satisfy buyer concerns that an item may not be authentic. For example, sellers should provide the buyer with appropriate documentation or other assurances that the item is authentic, if such information is available.

    Where the seller is not able to satisfy the buyer's concerns about the authenticity of an item, sellers agree that the buyer will typically have to return the item to the seller before getting a refund. Buyers agree that they will typically be required to return the item to the seller before getting a refund. Costs of return shipping will be paid by the buyer unless the buyer and seller agree otherwise. Where buyers are not required to return the item, buyers agree to cooperate with us to ensure the proper disposal of the item as described below. Due to the unresolved dispute regarding the authenticity of the item, sellers must not later list, advertise or offer for sale the item on any eBay site or service around the world (including our subsidiaries, joint ventures and other members of the eBay corporate family).

    Generally, buyers will not be obligated to provide third-party confirmation that an item is counterfeit to open a case. Buyers should feel free, however, to seek such written confirmation from the manufacturer whenever they suspect that an item may be counterfeit. In cases where a buyer has written confirmation from the manufacturer that the item is counterfeit, or in any cases where eBay requests this confirmation, the buyer must send this information directly to us. We reserve the right to accept this written confirmation directly from other reliable third parties. Buyers agree to cooperate with us to ensure the proper disposal of counterfeit items. For example, buyers may be asked to destroy (and certify that the item has been destroyed), or send the item to the manufacturer or other appropriate third party for disposal. Any costs associated with this destruction or disposal may be paid by eBay, in our sole discretion.

    Covered cases that meet the above conditions and are not excluded under this Policy may be considered as criteria, infringement or a violation by the seller of our prohibited and infringing items policy. As a result, we may impose sanctions on the seller, up to and including suspension of the seller's account.


    Under ebay's FAQs

    In what circumstances can I get a refund without returning the item to the seller?

    Buyers won't be required to return an item where the seller's geographic location is different from that shown on the listing (in violation of eBay policies), unless the seller pays for return shipping.

    Buyers may not be required to return an item to the seller where the item isn't authentic. In these circumstances, buyers may be asked to cooperate with eBay to ensure the proper disposal of the item as described in the "What happens if a buyer believes an item isn't authentic?" section of the eBay Buyer Protection Policy.
  15. In this specific case the Seller did not reply.

    Since the seller did not satisfy the buyer's concerns about the authenticity of this item the case went in favor of the buyer.