Hope for these handles?

  1. Does anyone think there is any hope for these handles? It almost kind of looked like they were stained on purpose. Any thoughts?
  2. That really looks strange...I would try baby wipes but maybe first on the inside. Could it be like they were treated with something? Do they smell strange?
  3. Wow, those are intense. I second the baby wipes suggestion, but try a little underneath to see how it reacts?
  4. It is odd that they are SO dark all the way down and not just in the center. Even if you did use baby wipes, it would be a huge job to clean it up, and it would still remain fairly dark when you were done. Baby wipes can only do so much!
  5. Woah - that is DARK, and the vachetta must have been exposed differently or treated since the attachment at the purse is much lighter. Have you taken it into an LV store and asked their advice or gotten a price on replacing the vachetta?
  6. I would replace the handles ASAP.
  7. Is this an authentic LV bag? Looks like Speedy handles. I am questioning this since the Logos are cut off by the leather at the handle's base and I do not think that genuine LV does that.
  8. :yes: :yes:
  9. I don't think you will clean those have them replaced
  10. That's how it's supposed to be on a Speedy :yes:
  11. Definitely get them replaced ASAP!!!
  12. this is the speedy let-trade has right now I think
    I would replace them finally the purse would be chaper than retail even with the handels replaced
    not baby wipes that is too dark
  13. the handles are very dark....i would try to fix it , and if not, have them be replaced
  14. omg, i would not buy that bag! but that's just me...i can't stand darkened vachetta..
  15. that does not look good. if you are dying for this particular bag i would replace them, I think it might be a hundred dollars to replace handles. But then the handles will be lighter, doesn't seem like a winning situation to me, unless it's easy enough to even it all out in time. But I would never use a baby wipe or any kind of wet cloth on vachetta, been there done that, ruined it, totally dried it out. I conditioned it with the apple guard conditioner which restored the moisture but it darkened the leather again and my ring would now make nicks on the handles. Needless to say I got rid of that frustrating bag! I'm too neurotic for that stuff. Baby wipes on the canvas to clean it, the bottom especially if it is a used bag is fine though and great for cleaning it.