Hope a Pfer got it!

  1. No pics of the bales or tag and the seller has a feedback of 1. I hope if a PF'er got it that she got more pics to authenticate this bag.:yes:
  2. That is a such a wonderfully broken in and sumptuous bag!
  3. Was just about to pipe-in with the same comment. :p
  4. Has posted in the authentic this Bbag thread! Curious to find out if it is authentic
  5. I remember looking at this a few times but the pics were just not enough.

    I hope its the real deal. It seems like it is but....dunno.
  6. Auctions like this baffle me. I just can't imagine paying good money for something when there are so few photos.
  7. I think I saw this bag listed in the past... the pictures ring a bell for some reason.

    I saw this too and wondered why there were minimal pics?
  8. That bag was listed with ending price $660 previously (I had this watched on my eBay)..I too was interested in it but seller never sent additional pics I requested hence I decided not to bid..
  9. If it's real, the seller gave it away.
  10. It looks like is good deal but I wouldn't buy it. He has only 1 feedback as a buyer which is about a year ago. Wish this transaction goes smoothly.....
  11. wow amazing color.
  12. I think it might be fake:wtf:. Just my opinion but in that first shot even though it's a hard peek the bales look rather square. Also, I have a FB city and that color is so hard to get a true representation of. That bag just looks to electric if you know what I mean. That would be wonderful if a tpf'er got a deal but I am afraid it's a fake.:shrugs: