hop, skip or jump into LV?

  1. Hey all! I have been admiring the Manhattan PM bag for SOOOOOO long. I want it so bad, I love it's shiny pushlocks, the struture, the shape *sigh* the only thing holding me back is the price. Mainly because I have yet to purchase a bag over $350 so this is a MAJOR jump for me(it's $1495). I own one preowned LV bag (Pap 26) and I have thought about getting a pre owned manhattan, but this is my dream bag and I want to own a new one when I finally get one, I want the fresh clean vachetta. Anyways, after researching the board it seems like so many people always fall back to the Speedy as their "go to" bag. I like the speedy as well and if I know myself the purse addiction will lead me to a speedy at some point.

    Now what I would like to hear from you guys is should I jump in an go for my Manhattan or should I ease in to the luxury with a Speedy? A bit about myself - I am single, working, own a condo, have reserve $ and can afford the manhattan it's just a mental thing not a money thing holding me back here. TIA! :smile:
  2. It's an awesome bag, I say if you LOVE it and can see yourself using it, then go fot it! I've had mine since they first came out, I use it now and then, but I do find it a little heavy because of the hardware. Maybe you should go to a boutique and try in on?
  3. I agree. It's heavy so I'd definitely check it out at LV first. Walk around the store with it.
  4. Go to the boutique and try it on. If the love still lasts, GO for it.
  5. Oh wow I hadn't thought about the weight! Thanks for the advice. I just assumed that it wouldn't be too bad since I had heard about the weight of trhe GM but never the PM!
  6. Since it sounds like you really desperate for the Manhattan, i'd def just go ahead and get that - but you should try it on to make sure you really are gonna love it:biggrin:
  7. If you love it and can afford it, GET IT! And use it every single day :smile:

    If you think you'll be afraid to use it (because of the price) go for the speedy
  8. It is hard to finally buy your first LV bag, but once you do it just doesn't stop!!!!! Go try it on and if you absolutely LoVe it then go for it!
  9. I know I wouldn't be afraid to use it, I would use the life out of it-LOL! The sticker shock is is holding me back, I guess I just fel bad for spending so much on a purse...BUT I LOVE IT!!! Maybe I should sell some older bags to help make myself feel better about spending so much more than I'm used to?
  10. If it's your dreambag, then go for it and spend your money.
  11. ^^^If you are going to "use the life out of it" then don't worry about the price. Let's see, so it's $1495. plus tax, add that up - divide it by 365(days in a year). That amount would be your cost per wear, if you used it everyday for a year! It'll be a lot less if you used it for years!
    So don't worry about the price, it sounds like you really love it and will use it ... so my dear, go for it!
  12. go for what you really love! if it's the Manhattan, then go with that!
  13. It sounds like you can afford it, have your eyes set on a certain bag, and haven't splurged on yourself before on bags. I'd definitely get the manhattan pm!

    Though from my experience here on tpf, I think the "Dream bag" constantly changes for many people. Once you get a manhattan, you may start wanting another bag soon. I've seen too often the words "I bought my holy grail! This going to be my last bag for a looooooooong time!" followed by another thread in a few weeks "Check out my new bag!" lol
  14. ^^^ Uh-oh busted:push: She may be referring to me:shame: ... lol!