Hooti Couture. Anybody?

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  1. So I've just been browsing through an interesting 2005 book, "Alligators, Old Mink and New Money " by Alison Houtte.

    I've got some vintage items, but I mainly buy new -- still this book caught my eye because I've been dealing with (authenticating) a vintage bag recently, and the book is all about Hooti Couture, a vintage clothing and accessories boutique in Brooklyn, New York.

    The section on vintage handbags was definitely interesting, especially for those who are interested in vintage alligator bags. But, what I'm really curious about, after seeing this book (and especially since I was clueless about this shop before), is how many of you, who live in NY, have visited Hooti's. Anybody shop there? It sounds fabulous, according to the book, as well as according to endorsements from fashion editors in major newspapers and magazines. Also, the prices that are described are so so low!:biggrin:
  2. live in ny and never heard of it. tell me more.
  3. Don't know too much more, Minnie! The store is successful enough that it's been written about in the NYTimes, etc. Also, the woman who runs it, Alison Houtte, has got enough of a fan-base to sell a book about her store (and about how to shop vintage).
    The woman who owns it is an ex-model, who used to have a busy career modeling in Europe and in the USA.
    Oh. The store is in Flatbush. Apparently, it's very trendy and cute -- great shop displays, the tags are all handwritten and full of witty jokes, etc.
    Wish I could visit the store, just to see!
  4. I have never even heard of it ! But thanks, I will make a point of visiting soon, It sounds fabulous. Is there a website ?
  5. Nope. In the book, it says that, though her clients are always pressuring her to go online or to sell on ebay, she hasn't done it.
  6. Sounds interesting :biggrin: I want to check it out, maybe she'll take her client's advice someday!
  7. That would be nice, Noriko! It's so frustrating, sometimes, reading about these supposed great stores and not being able to access them.
  8. ^^^yeah, I understand that frustration!!!! :sad:
  9. Oh well. Just all the more reason to travel! (which I love to do anyway). Still, I wish the city I live in now could become somewhat better, shopping-wise. It's pathetic. A capital city, and so few shopping resources!
  10. PS Sorry for spelling, during that rant!