Hooters Restaurant

  1. Do u guys know anyone who currently works/worked at Hooters? I've never been and am curious about the environment as far as being an employee. Any info u might have would be greatly appreciated...TIA!!:smile:
  2. I have a friend that works there. When she first started she said there was A LOT to learn. She said there's XX steps in seating, taking orders, and bringing the food out. I guess you get used to it.

    I think it's a fun environment. I don't think the uniforms are "skimpy" at all.

    Are you planning to apply?
  3. I'm strongly considering it...I just want a feel for what I might be getting myself into first. I think its a fun environment as well and have always felt that way. I'm not going to do it forever though. If this isn't too nosy, has your friend told u anything about the pay?
  4. I worked at Hooters many years ago...and it was a really fun job!! The uniforms are even less skimpy now than they were then! Back in my day...we slit the back of the shirts, braced ourselves against a wall...while someone pulled the super tight in the back!!!!
    I made very good $$$ in tips. I say give it a shot.....
  5. I actually visited a Hooters when I was down in NC visiting a female friend - it was a pretty fun environment, we even bought t-shirts! I thought it was so cute that the waitresses would all stop by to write their names down on a napkin (although I don't think most of them were real, too many bambi's, amber's, and sasha's, lol).
  6. I had a couple sorority sisters who worked at Hooters (until their fathers found out!!). They had fun and made A LOT A LOT A LOT of money... I mean, a lot considering how little they work and that their job is waitressing. They would easily bring in several hundred dollars in tips working one evening.
  7. Do u guys have any idea about the pay? I hope I'll be fine with the tips LOL Are we talking minimum wage here or what??
  8. From what I've heard you make most of your money in tips - some girls make around $100-200 a night I think. Remember that you'll be a hostess before you're a server, and you have to take a "server test" to get to that position. Good luck!
  9. I worked in a restaurant a while ago when I put myself through school. Base pay is very low, under minimum wage - I think I was paid $2.15/hr (not sure what it is today). The rest is made up with tips.

    I made good money where I worked, can't comment on Hooters.
  10. I've heard people say they loved it and people say they hated it. A lot might depend on which location. Of course it also depends on your personality too I'm sure.
  11. Don't know anything about working there, but I think the food at Hooters is awesome! LOL. And it doesn't hurt that DH is occupied for awhile ;)
  12. I used to work there! - And i'm proud, anyone that hates hooters.. they are haters lol! jk!

    Whats your questions?
  13. When I worked there 6 years ago, it was around $6/h +tips.
    I don't know now what it is. - btw, tippping there is very good.
  14. some girls in my classes back in college worked at Hooters. It was kind of weird seeing them there but I suppose the money was good. I liked going there for the philly cheese steak :p
  15. just read that! i think it's a good job for girls that need the money. it's decent and the one in downtown toronto seemed more like a family restaurant to me anyway.