Hooray! This is on it's way to me...

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  1. Blue denim baggy pm! I'm so excited :yahoo: It's so casual and perfect for my everyday use! I hope it holds all my stuff, I usually carry a small agenda (yellow epi that matches the inside of this perfectly!!), a small makeup pouch, my cell phone and a book. From what i've seen posted around here, that stuff should fit!
  2. congrats!
  3. Congrat's... Beautiful bag:yahoo: you're going to love it!!
    IMG_4473 (1).jpg
  4. Love the denim!!!
  5. Congrats! Baggy PM is so adorable!
  6. YAY congrats, great bag I love it you should see about getting the longer strap too so you can wear it messenger style too
  7. Congratulations!! its so pretty. Dont you just love how versatile this bag is/??
  8. You my dear are a blessing! I was digging around trying to find that photo! Ty for posting it!
  9. congrats! I'm starting to like it too since I've seen them on tpf.
  10. congrats!! i've been wanting the baggy pm for quite a while now, but still unsure about it! i need more enable-ing!! :graucho:
  11. anytime :smile:
  12. congrats!! the blue denim is adorable.
  13. Great work...congratulations!!
  14. congrats
  15. OK this thread is making me want to keep mine! Should I??? I can't seem to return it! It's back in the box all ready to go to the post ooffice tomorrow but I just went out and looked at it and now I am wanting it again!!!! UGHHHHH!!!!!! Why Why why can't I make up my mind??? The only thing that bothers me about it is that it's a tad small. But I LOVE it!!!! Enable me!!!