HOORAY!! My Trasporto shipped!! (plus a question)

  1. I just checked my Pulse account and my Trasporto Cucciolo has shipped!! :nuts::yahoo:

    Now my scenario is this... I've had a horrible week with a few pregnancy scares and my husband said that if SH is still doing their 40% off promotion, then I should order myself something! I didn't find out my cucciolo shipped until after I spoke with him (he's deployed to the Middle East). Should I order myself something in Pirata or AS or should I be content with my Trasporto Cucciolo??

  2. lucky you! i just checked and mine hasnt shipped yet (i ordered a campeggio) :[

    i think if you want another baby bag, you should go for it! however if you get it in AS its gonna get dirty really easily...but if you dont mind then i say go for it! 40% is a great deal and who knows when another one like this will come along? :biggrin:
  3. Actually I'm currently obsessed with Corrieres and I'm intrigued by the Stellina so I'm going back and forth between those two styles at the moment. I carry my Inferno Corriere around a lot but I do live in the Bible Belt South so I feel weird taking me kids to religious education classes with it LOL!
  4. hey 40% is an awesome deal! i say go for it!!! my order shipped today, too!!!
  5. ahahah yea i make it a point not to bring inferno anything when i go to church xD
  6. You guys twisted my arm! After going to the doctor to get this stupid 24 heart monitor off (in the pouring rain no less!) I told myself that I deserved a Pirata Corriere!!

  7. I thought the 40% off deal was only for Labor Day? If it's still running, then yeah go for it. I just checked Pulse's website and mine shipped too. At last!:sweatdrop:
  8. So did I until I read it on the SH Labor Day thread here. When I called I asked if they were still running the 40% off promotion and the SA said yes! I wish I could remember her name! She was as nice as could be! My baby is slowly draining all the braincells I have!

    There is a thread about the post-Labor Day SH stock. If there's anything you want, you'd better call now! I got the last Pirata Corriere and they sounded pretty busy in the background.
  9. Yeah, Lindsey said it's now going to be 40% off for the rest of that stock I guess. When she told me abou the labor day sale, she didnt' know it would be after it too...
  10. Do they have the pirata corriere there?? If so, get it. 40% off rocks and it sounds like you had a rough week...you totally deserve it!! :yes:
  11. I ended up ordering it!! I got the very last one! Apparently Lindsey came along about 2 seconds later looking for Pirata Corrieres after the SA (I can't remember her name) that was helping me grabbed mine. She said she ran faster and I told her it must be a sign that I was meant to have it! :yahoo:

  12. Ahhh well that's OK. I'm trying to be good with the older prints now and focus more on the current & upcoming stuff. Congrats on the purchases and don't forget to post pics when they arrive. I'm out of town for a wedding this weekend (but I brought my laptop so I could still chat on tPF :lol:), so I won't get to see my new Toki until late late Saturday night. I'll post my new Trasporto stuff and my NWT black camo PG angioletto:yahoo: that came in today when I get a chance on Sunday.