Hooray!!!My Awesome Purchases!!!!

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  1. Since i've joined this forum i've been heavily addicted to Chanel bags.

    I absolutely love looking at all the your purchases, i've decide to show you mine as well.

    These are my purchases for the last four months.

    First, was the gorgeous black lambskin accordian flap.:love:

    Second, was the awesome yellow tweed classic flap. :heart:

    Third, i receive yesterday, black caviar classic flap. :yahoo:

    Yes, i was on a purse ban, unfortunately i've broken it and on another ban again.:confused1: I guess i don't really understand what it means.:shrugs:


  2. [​IMG]
  3. You are doing quite well, I have to say!! Thanks for sharing, love them all. Congrats!!
  4. They are all so beautful. Great choice and taste!!!
  5. Thanks Michele and Irishgal.
  6. Three beauties! Each so different!
  7. Gorgeous bags!
  8. WOW...you're building quite the beautiful Chanel collection!! I absolutely LOVE your new classic flap - CONGRATS!!!!!!!!
  9. wow love your collection, love the accordian flap looks so unique.
  10. Wow they are ALL beautiful. Never seen the accordian flap! Love it!
  11. You have a great collection!! Thanks for sharing.
  12. they're all gorgeous! congrats!!!
  13. AWESOME collection!
    I'd love to se more pics of the accordion flap, side pics, interior and you modeling of course!
  14. thanks lulilu,Jayne1,Sharbear508,xoAKIxo,nerdphanie,maxter,diana,Swanky.

    Swanky, i'll be more than happy to show you more pics.
  15. They are all gorgeous! I love the color of that yellow tweed classic :smile: