Hooray for me!!

  1. So I went to the LV boutique to pick up my azur speedy 25. as they showed it to me i was kinda dissapointed. It look very cheap, light and small to me (no offense, i have seen some girls on here that totally rocked it, but it just didn't do so much for me... :shrugs: )

    then I saw the speedy mini lin and i fell in love. I still had some doubts, I mean i waited and saved for months to get my azur bag and then I changed my mind in a couple of seconds.

    I wanted to dress it up and I got the bandeau étoile! it's sooo pretty i will wear it as a belt too.

    I also got the damier pochette (once they had me started, i wanted the whole shop!) and ordered the long strap.

    They will also try to get me a pomme heart but i will tell more about that one later...

    Here's some pics off my ver very first LV purchases ! !
    PICT1197 (Small).JPG PICT1200 (Small).JPG PICT1202 (Small).JPG PICT1203 (Small).JPG
  2. congrats :biggrin: and I agree about the azur speedy being cheap... well actually, on the outside it doesn't, I just don't like the canvas lining inside
  3. Lol congrats! Great first purchases!
  4. Beautiful purchases. I especially love the bandeau, it's one of the prettiest I've seen. Congrats on your new items!
  5. Congrats on your buys! That bandeau is absoulutely gorgeous (and I usually don't like bandeaus, so it has to be really pretty, lol) :love:
  6. congrats :yahoo:
  7. Gorgeous - thats one speedy you dont see often, and its so pretty! You did good, girl!
  8. Wow it looks great with the bandeau :drool:
    Congrats on your first purchase! It won't be your last :graucho:
    Nice to see someone from Belgium btw
  9. Congratulations.
  10. Congrats on all of your purchases!! The bandeau looks great as a belt, you should try it in your hair too. :smile:
  11. I like it! Nice bag. Congrats!
  12. I love it!!!! Great choice. I have no idea which one I would choose. I love both and would have to look at both at the store. Congrats and enjoy your beautiful bag.
  13. awww, it looks adorable :smile: i :heart: it!! CONGRATS! the bandeau looks great on the speedy! :smile:
  14. Congrats! The bandeau looks great on it! I kind of regret initially passing on the mini lin....I see it in my future!
  15. Yeah.. me too. :yes: