Hooray!! Another Purchase....PST

  1. That's right, :heart:another love of my life. After much convincing i manage to buy another Chanel bag after the price increase.
    It was either the black with gold hardware or beige with gold hardware. I finally decided on the black PST with gold hardware and happy with my decision.
    I also manage to pick up one of my favourite perfume, Chanel Gardenia, smells awesome.
    pst.jpg pst1.jpg pst2.jpg pst3.jpg
  2. Congrats!!! I'm sure you'll wear it a lot!
  3. looks lovely!
  4. :yahoo: Congrats, you can't go wrong with that choice, it's such a great bag!
  5. Enjoy it...
  6. congrats!
  7. congrats its a lovely bag
  8. Congratulations! She's a beauty!:love:
  9. congrats - it's gorgeous!
    how much is it now after the price increase?
  10. Congrats, it looks stunning on you!
  11. She looks great on you! Wear her in good health!
  12. looks gorgeous on you :smile:
  13. I am so glad that you're happy with your decision, I know it's hard to choose just one...;) Your new PST is PERFECT on you!! :yahoo:
  14. Cute!!!:yes:
  15. congrats! i love it on you =) soo cute