Hooray! 1,000 Posts! I can hardly believe it!

  1. Well gals, I really can't believe I've racked up 1,000 posts! I love spending time here reading, giving opinions, gathering your opinions, and just having fun. This is such a wonderful place, and always the first website I go to when I log on (I know if there is breaking news that someone from General Discussion or Celebrity Section will be talking about it already). Anyway, thanks to everyone here for making this site what it is!

    I:heart: the Purse Forum
  2. Me too! It's a new discovery for me, but I assure you I am making the most of it. I really enjoy all the time I spend here and I think Vlad and Megs have made a wonderful site for us!
  3. Congratulations! WTG!:yahoo: I love this place too, it's such a fun place :yes:
  4. I love it here too, Vlad and Megs should be proud of what this forum has turned into, here's to many more!:drinkup:
  5. yay, congrats! :yahoo:
  6. Hooray, Koobalover! It has been great posting with you! Keep them coming!

  7. Congrats! We have loved having you here!!!! :yahoo:

    Here is to 1,000 more :party:
  8. Congrats on your first 1000!! And here is to many more 1000s!:drinks: :drinkup: :drinks: :drinkup:
  9. Thanks everyone! I hope this will be the first of many more milestones for me on tPF! :smile:
  10. Yay congratulations.
  11. Congrats on 1000...yay:yahoo:
  12. Well done Koob :p
  13. Congrats Kooba!
  14. congrats and keep em' coming.