Hoop Sizes

  1. What do you consider to be the "classic" size for hoop earrings? What would you consider large hoops to be? What size is most useful for you?

    Personally, my favorite pair is Adina's Big Tiny hoop: (1/2" diameter)

    Adina Design

    It looks just right next to my small face. I'm a little wary of big hoops on me.
  2. Hard to answer, I love hoops best and own a lot of different sizes, shapes and colors. My favorite pair of "put them in, leave them in, and forget about them" hoops are white gold huggies about a half an inch in diameter. (small)
  3. My favourite hoops are 1 3/4" in diameter and this is the perfect, classic size for me as far as big hoops go. For everyday I wear 5/8" captive rings and again this is my perfect small size. For small hoops I don't go more than 3/4" in diameter. I actually love my big hoops, I'd wear them all the time if only it were practical!
  4. My personal favourite are huggies rather than hoops, but I do like smallish hoops!
    I think you can definitely go too big and end up looking tacky and too much like J.Lo when she was still 'from the block'.
  5. I don't think big hoops are necessarily tacky, it depends on how you wear them. Even the most giant hoops can be great against a conservative outfit -- there's a secretary in my office who's one of the most stylish women I've ever seen, and she wears big hoops every day with her business-y clothes. :smile:
  6. I have only one pair of hoops and it's about 1/2" in diameter. Even though I love long, dangling earrings, I don't really like hoops larger than 1" in diameter.

    Depending on how you wear the really large hoops they can look tacky or very nice.
  7. I like largish hoops - 6 to 7cm (approx. 2.4 to 2.8") wide. I wear my (long, naturally wavy) hair down when I wear them, which (I hope!) softens the look.

    Here is a pair of my 7 cm BV hoops:
    Bottega Veneta Gold Hoops.jpg