Hoop earrings that don't stick out/outward

  1. ladies,
    i love hoop earrings, but the problem is that the way my ear hole is...hoop earrings seem to be sticking outward, if that makes sense without sticking forward, the way I love it to look...got any suggestions on what to do??? thx
  2. Sounds like you must have earlobes that are very parallel to your head?

    In which case, I don't really know what to suggest, other than '60s-style hoops on short drops, so they then lie flat against your neck. :shrugs:

    Hopefully, someone will have a better suggestion, soon! :biggrin:
  3. I can't wear hoop earrings because I have the exact same problem.

    You are not alone! :smile:

    I wear studs mostly.
  4. that happens to me too! it sucks... i always finding myself fixing it but at the end of the night it'll be sticking outwards again
  5. Hi, I have the same problem too, my earlobes are just too close to my head. What I do is to choose hoop earrings that aren't too huge (1 1/2" diameter max) and are also thinner at the sides. Generally I find that pave set diamond hoops are thinner at the sides than prong set hoops. Alternatively, oval hoops may work better for you.
  6. try ovals or huggies
  7. Try Charles Garnier perfect hoops
  8. You could always try circle earrings, they are on a fishhook/eurowire and a circle hangs down, it's like a hoop but the hoop part doesn't go through your ear.