Hoop earrings- in style or not?

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  1. What is your opinion? I got these, today, very inexpensive, just to try out. I haven't worn hoops in at least ten years. Somehow, they make me think of fashion from about 10-15 years ago, eg. velour tracksuits, Timbs with stiletto heels, JLo, etc. But something seems a little fresh about them, maybe because I haven't worn them in so long.

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  2. Hoop earrings are classic in my opinion :smile: Wear it!
  3. I still love the look but hate the way they pull down my holes.
  4. Style of coz
    Every gal needs a pair somehow
  5. These are actually some spring clips. Look just like the real thing and they're comfortable.
  6. I think hoop earrings are a classic too. I guess the popularity of different sizes (small diameter versus large diameter) might change with the times, but even there, I'm sure it's cyclical. I tend to wear small to medium hoops because those suit my face shape and hair length better, but if the larger ones work with your features, go for it! I think the look is pretty timeless. :smile:
  7. Timeless for me!
  8. These style earrings have been worn for decades. Brigitte Bardot wore them in the 1960s. So they're never out of style!
  9. hoops are my favorite; I have a few different sizes from huggies to somewhat large
  10. I find hoops to be a classic staple piece of jewelry.
  11. Classic!!!
  12. I love hoops! I have them in various sizes and styles. They are my go to when I can't decide on anything else!
  13. Who cares! Just wear what you enjoy 😊
  14. Ditto
  15. Hoops are classic.