Hoola Hooping anyone?

  1. Ohh That does look fun and cool too!
  2. Looks like it would be a terrific abs workout.

    I remember having a blast doing it as a kid. I think I'll pick one up!

    THX for the reminder!
  3. hula hooping! I love hula hooping! I use to be really good when I was younger, I hop I haven't lost the touch!
  4. Man, I used to love Hula Hooping as a kid!! Wish I could still do it...I can swing it around a few times, but not like I used to be able to :sad:
  5. I think I will go out and purchase one from the toy store, this site sells them for $50 :hrmm: they claim the weight and size are better for adults.
  6. It sounds more fun then running to lose wieght.
  7. I love hula hooping! I used to be the Hula Hooping champ of Briarton Day Camp!!!
  8. I attended Briarton Day Camp, but I probably attended before you did.
    My brother and I attended in 1965 and 1966. What a beautiful campus.
    I was in first and second grade back then, I can remember the nature den,
    the rifle range, trampolines, and the overnight in the main house basement.
    Oh, the barn was the place where the talent show, theartre production, and
    other choral productions were preformed. When you attended, were they
    still using ceramic plates, and non disposable plastic glassware and serving
    hot lunch? Do you know what became of the camp? I also can recall the
    white T shirts and hats, with the red lettering and red stick figure campers in the emblem. Does any of this ring a bell with you?
  9. Hula Hooping is loads of fun and a great exercise.
  10. My daughter was hoola hooping the other day and asked me to try it. I was thrilled that I could still do it and amazed at what a great workout it was...and I am in pretty good shape! I told her that I'd get one too, and we can do it together. :smile:
  11. Thank you for this website Fabulousity! Sounds like fun!!:nuts:
  12. I used to work for Bubba Gumps as a host and one of the host positions is "barker" -- like a carnival barker... getting people's attention to come eat at the restaurant... they'd give us all sorts of props. Sidewalk chalk, bubble guns, ping pong table.... and hula hoops!

    Everyone loved the hula hoops. It's fun... kids love it... and so did the guys! i was single, so bonus! :graucho:
  13. I've been hula hooping all day on my Wii Fit!
  14. I used to LOVE hula hooping and skipping in primary school. My classmates and I were rather competitive so I became very good at both. I still love skipping although my head no longer appreciates it (I wind up dizzy with a thumping head). Both are great forms of exercise.