Hookin' Up? Ryan P and Ashlee

  1. ummmm, where do I start?:wtf:
    I'm guessing it's false.

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    Phillippe giggly with Simpson? Plus, Reese's alleged Jake rendezvous, Justin's gals become pals, Courteney & David deny rift rumors, the latest baby burblings and much more ...
    March 7, 2007
    Is Ryan Phillippe working through what he's described as "the most difficult" and "personally devastating" time of his life by getting up close and personal with the pared-down proboscis of Ashlee Simpson?
    That's the word from Us Weekly, which says the actor, 32, who called it quits with A-list wife Reese Witherspoon in October, got acquainted with the renovated, B-list warbler, 22, at Los Angeles hotspot Les Deux Saturday night.
    They supposedly spent some alone-time chitchatting in the VIP section of the club, where Ryan was mixing vodka cocktails, and were later seen "giggling" (no, we can't picture Phillippe atwitter, either) and having an all-around good time, a mole tells the mag.
    While the blond, nubile Simpson, who in recent months has been linked to everyone from Pete Wentz to Adam Brody, might seem like something of a divorce cliché for Phillippe, she's at least an improvement over the last starlet with whom he was spied, mainly because she can legally quaff cocktails.
    In early February, paparazzi snapped Phillippe cracking a rare smile as he zoomed away from a bar with 18-year-old Nikki Reed in his passenger seat, although faster than you could say "age-inappropriate hookup," the rumors were quickly quelled (she was said to be dating one of Ryan's pals).
    Not surprisingly, the Ashlee chatter is being given a similar brush-off, with Ryan's reps scoffing to "Extra" that he "barely knows" Jessica's little sis.
    What's more, in the typical "Rashomon"-like world of the tabloids, there are conflicting accounts of what actually went down at Les Deux that night.
    A second source tells Us that Phillippe was getting his flirt on with a different blonde, while the New York Post says Ashlee settled for music producer Chad Hugo after unsuccessfully attempting to catch Ryan's eye.
    "She tried to pick up Ryan Phillippe, but he wasn't interested," a source snipes to the paper. "So then she hung out with Chad all night and left with him." Nuh-uh, huffs Simpson's rep, who insists, "That is not true. She is working with Chad on her new album. There is nothing romantic going on." OK! magazine, meanwhile, is convinced that Phillippe "has been begging" Witherspoon to try to salvage their marriage and is "determined to do whatever it takes to win back the love of his life," who, by the by, has been earning raves for her sexy, postdivorce makeover.
  2. Well I hope not...just can't see Ashley being a mom...yet that is...also to Reeses's children:push:
  3. Is Reese and Ryan through with their divorce yet?
  4. I'm sure if Ryan is sowing his wild oats, he's not looking for wife material just yet ;)
  5. what jake does the headline of the story refer to? is reese reportedly flirting with jake gyllenhaal? because if she is, between her awesome new hairdo and jakie, reese witherspoon is my new personal hero.
  6. What a weird couple they would make! I thought she was with Pete from Fall Out Boy?
  7. It was probably inoccent flirting if anything. I think they would be a weird couple.
  8. ^^ ageeed .. LOL

  9. Yeah me too?
  10. I don't see it. I don't think it's true either way.
  11. That'd be a crazy mess IMO. Interesting article, though.
  12. Yuck. That would be awful. I still want Reese and Ryan to pull through.. deep down!
  13. I thought I was the only one!
  14. Yes, it is supposedly Jake Gyllenhaal that she's hooking up with. But TMZ.com cites OK! magazine as the source so I don't think it's necessarily reliable.
  15. Me Too!:yes: