1. I have one similar to luxe link that was made by D&D (I don't know what that stands for). It was selling on Bluefly for under $20.00 but they haven't sold them for about a year. I love it because it's so small and round, takes up no room in the purse and holds the bag off the floor. That was my holiday present to everyone in 2005! I don't know about $45.00 though - that's pretty steep.
  2. ita about the price. it's made of stainless steel though, and really seems to snap closed nicely (there is a tiny magnet on the tip that keeps the last link in place so all the links wrap around securely). i wonder if yours is an early version of this one (if there is a patent on the design).
  3. You know, it might be because it does not have the magnet to keep it closed. It was made in Italy and made well but the magnet thing is a terrific idea.
  4. ^either way, sounds like yours was a great deal. do you use it often? wasn't sure i'd end up using one.
  5. I do use it often. Once a friend (who I'd given one to) and went to lunch and we each used ours to hold our bags. Two ladies were seated at the next table to ours and kept looking under their table. They finally asked us why our table had those wonderful hooks and theirs didn't. We really got a laugh out of that and they wouldn't leave till I wrote them out all the info on the website (although I don't think bluefly has them anymore).
  6. OMG, cgsprings....your thread made me search for and find the luxelink item just the other night! I'm hesitant to order because I concur with you, $45 is pretty steep, but the mirror one doubles as a practical face mirror! So question, how heavy is it? Does yours still fold up nicely? On the luxelink site they say that it will "straighten up" in time....??....that doesn't sound good. TIA!!
  7. Tnx for posting this HiHeels!
  8. i actually got the one from luxelink. i understand what they mean by "straighten" just because the design is initially very curved and tight in that new way. it won't straighten to drop my bag on the floor i don't think. (*fingers crossed*) lol.
    how heavy... i don't know, depends if you're very sensitive to that - i aim to make my bag as light as possible. it's hefty - the conflict for me is that the heft makes it feel solid and substantial. it's not like a weight or a doorstop or anything. :smile:
  9. myindulgence: I still use mine and it hasn't "straightened out" at all. I agree with you that doesn't sound too good. It's not heavy and it's not big. I have actually hung a bag & umbrella on it at one time and even two bags at one time when I need to help someone out. In fact, I will post a picture:
    tpf.3.jpg tpf.4.jpg
  10. Would this Luxe Link purse holder work over a bathroom stall door? I love the design of this, it's almost like architecture.

    Public restrooms are usually where I need one desperately. I'm desperate enough to use an S-hook from my pot rack!
  11. I don't think so because it works by the balance of the round part on a flat surface and the weight of the bag hanging below. The s hook sounds like a good idea though....I know that feeling when the stall has no hook! Yuck!!
  12. omgd, rainrowan i NEVER thought of that need, but it's real! no, this design wouldn't work for that i don't think.... but you're right about the design, it really is unique.
    cgsprings that is exactly the same design!
    47b7da01b3127cce831cc0d02e0600000016108AatW7Zk2cNF.jpg 47b7da01b3127cce831cc0d9af3f00000015108AatW7Zk2cNF.jpg 47b7da01b3127cce831cc0de2e0800000015108AatW7Zk2cNF.jpg
  13. Here's another one too - I thought I had posted it earlier, but the post didn't show. I like it because it's a little edgier in design (though it doesn't fold) and it seems that the hook is more "flush" against the table edge, depending on how thick the table is.
  14. It's cute but one of the benefits of the round one is no matter how small your bag, it will fit (probably even into the change section of most wallets).