Hooked on Paraty

  1. Bought a black one a couple of months ago. Saw at "red" at Nordstrom. Almost bought it. Hesitating because of price.

    Then wit at HGbags. Much lower price at HGbags!

    The color is amazing and I love it!!! Get compliments all the time.

    I think I have a Paraty sickness as I am contemplating a third one. :woohoo:
  2. '12 Red Paraty is so beautiful!! Was debating the color myself when Erica got it in stock! It's such a luscious, sexy red... it's gonna look amazing this fall!! You should post pics of your babies!! Black AND Red... what a killer combo! :hbeat:

    I have Paraty sickness and I don't even have one yet! (Well, technically, i have one but she's not the right color so I'm not keeping her :sad:)

    What color are you thinking of for No. 3? :graucho: :angel:
  3. I feel the same!! Lol... And the third one I've been contemplating is the red... So your post is not helping the sickness. Lol ;). :biggrin:
  4. Let's see pics!!!!.....please~~:p
  5. I have 2 and I agree, paraty is gorgeous.
  6. Not sure - like Rock but not the more brown overtone one. Maybe Lychee?