hooked on Minkoff

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  1. ladies...

    i just checked funkylala again and it has the MAM in tangerine

    in case any of u wants to purchase it :smile:
  2. it's actually available on a lot of sites. it's on label360 , luna boston, bagtrends, and muse ten. all of them have coupon codes for at least 10% off.
  3. ohhhh...lol, ok. cuz i kno that some websites are doing pre-sale a bit later. and funkylala's isnt til april 2nd
  4. actually most websites have it in stock now like label360.

    for future reference, you should probably just do a "search" and add to a continuing thread since there are several tangerine mam threads that are ongoing instead of starting a new one.
  5. *sighs
    lol i am soooo behind
    u can so tell i'm a newbie on the RM forum :P lol