Hooked on Cartier! A reveal...

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  1. Well, I'm officially hooked! So, I went into a Boutique yesterday to try on LOVE bracelets. It was my first time in a Boutique, and it was a lovely experience. The SA was super nice and spent a lot of time with me, and helped me try on a lot of different pieces. She even unofficially authenticated the RG w/diamond JUC I recently bought on ebay.

    I told her I bought it on ebay, and she asked how much I paid. I told her $8K. She then offered to give it a quick cleaning. She took it in the back, and when she came back out with it, she said something like "yep, you did good with this one".

    I tried on the JUC rings, which I loved. But there was one on ebay I had my eye on, so I ended up buying that one yesterday evening (will post when it gets here!).

    I tried on the Love bracelets and cuffs, but the sizing was a bit weird on me. My JUC is a 17 (and fits perfectly), so she had me try an 18 Love and it was way too big. Even the 17 Love seemed too big to me, as I could turn it around on my wrist. She said I should prob go with a 17, but I think I want to try on the 16 next time and see how that fits (she seemed to think it would be too small). I'm not entirely sure if I want to pull the trigger on a Love now, or wait until the thinner ones come out. But it was fun trying them on.

    After all that, I ended up leaving with a Trinity necklace! I am so in love with it. I love how shiny the chain is. Even though the necklace itself is very delicate, the shiny chain kind of makes it pop. I tried on the matching bracelet, which I didn't end up getting, but I have been dreaming about it. So, I think I'm going to go back and get it next weekend!

    My iphone takes horrible pictures, but here it is:

    Attached Files:

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  2. Gorgeous necklace, congrats!
  3. That is beautiful.
  4. looks lovely on you!

    Also interesting to hear about your ebay purchase. I'm guessing she had it authenticated when she took it to the back for the 'cleaning'. I didn't know they did that so it's good to know!
  5. Congrats on your purchase!

    If I read your post correctly, did you say a thinner love bracelet is coming out? Or you feel they should make a thinner love bracelet?!

    GL with your start to Cartier collection!


  6. Thank you!

    Thank you!

    Thank you!

    Thank you! And yes, they are coming out with a thinner Love bracelet. There is a lot of discussion about it over on the Love Bracelet Sticky, I think. That is where I first learned about it. No pictures or prices yet, but people are saying they'll be out in the fall! Something to look forward to for sure :smile:
  7. WOW! Guess Ill email my SA about this and see if she heard anything about it. TIA!
  8. Congratulations with your purchase! It looks lovely on you! Matches your skin tone really well.
  9. Yup the pendant looks so delicate but pretty on your neck. Ive ben wanting to make a pendant out of my trinity ring but worried that the chain might scratch the ring
  10. This is my everyday necklace. I love it, it looks gorgeous on you.
  11. Off topic - but thank you ladies for sharing your intel on the thinner love bracelet. It's everyday heroes like you that keep us in the loop and I can't wait for them to reveal the designs :,)
  12. Pretty! Looks good !!!!
  13. Thank you!!

    I can't wait too!!

    Thank you! It has definitely become my every day necklace! I haven't taken it off since I bought it! And now I am lusting after other pieces in the Trinity collection!

    Thank you! You should make the pendant :smile:

    Aw, thanks for the kind words :smile:
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