Hooked on Botkier!!!!!!!!!

  1. OMG! I just got my Botkier E/W bag in ecru!!!!!!! This is my first Botkier and I absolutely love it!!!!!!!!:love: I want more!!!!!:nuts: The leather is very soft~ not smooshy soft b/c it is structured! But what a fabulous bag!!! LOVE the tassels and the silver hardware very much!!!!!!!!:love:

    I am soooo happy!!!!!!!!!!!!
    DSC02580.JPG DSC02581.JPG DSC02584.JPG DSC02586.JPG
  2. Beautiful bagg!!! Congrats! I love Botkier, but have never made a purchase! Enjoy!
  3. cute
  4. Wow that is SO cute! I have never looked into Botkier but I think I have to now! I really like how it's a very clean and simple design, but has great detail in the silver hardware. The color is really pretty.
  5. Wow! It's gorgeous, and...it has tassels!! :nuts:
  6. Great bag. Congrats! :yes:
  7. i'm so bummed now that i missed out on the ecru e/w trigger! you're so lucky! very very nice... congrats!
  8. They sold out????? OMG!!!!!!!
  9. Tassels rock!!!!!!!!!!! Love them!!!!!!!!!!!:love:
  10. Thanks everyone for the compliments! It's such a nice bag!!!
  11. That is one beautiful bag! It appears to hold alot of stuff and still stay organized. Gorgeous leather,too! Enjoy!
  12. i like that bag, the color is great.
  13. Beautiful bag. I know what you mean about Botkier. I ordered three (yikes!) from the BG sale. Now that I've seen your detailed pics, I may try to get a trigger bag if they come around again.
  14. ciatta~ thank you~ I feel like you have been me with since I ordered!!!! LOL:heart:
    Bullshopper~ thank you!:flowers:
    :yahoo: cheetos~ 3 Botkiers!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!:yahoo: What did you order??? Please let me know when you get them and tell me what you think!
  15. I love it and I fear I will suffer the same ailment once my own ecru e/w trigger arrives! Yours is gorgeous and I hope mine looks as lovely!