Hooked all the sudden by the new All-In bag

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  1. 3931E62A-0AD1-4CB9-BC77-4517D4E01BE6.png BD686C38-7608-4FEF-AB15-E95AF19E6053.png

    the last thing I need is another bag, but who doesn’t Lol. I remember hearing about this bag and then forgot about it and now just saw it on the site. I think if I did get it I’d get the GM size :smile: it’s basically coming down to me being in realistic, I am dying for the my world tour speedy b with black handles but am waiting for whatever updates are supposed to be coming. So I think I can hold off on this but can’t promise lol.
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  2. If you or anyone gets this please post pics and review it! I know some people on the forum say it looks cheap but I think it looks like a sturdier option instead of the neverfull especially in regards to the straps.
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  3. So I ordered the bag, I had the SA text me photos. In the mod shot the bag looks enormous but I think its because the person is tiny as the bag looks good size to me in other photos. I got the GM, I will get it tomorrow and post photos!

    IMG_9244.jpg IMG_9245.jpg IMG_9246.jpg IMG_9247.jpg
  4. Are there glazing on the sides/corners?
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  5. i have no idea, ill post pics tomorrow when i get the bag.
  6. Like it
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  7. I can't wait to see your pics - thanks (in advance) for sharing! I am very curious about this bag. It hasn't gotten much attention yet.
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  8. Here are some pictures . Ok so the bag does feel "cheap" but it's supposed to because it super light weight and it folds up. It does have glazing on the sides and if you fold this over and over I'm positive it will crack. It does have a strong rubber smell to me . The handles are awesome ! So sturdy and comfy. The luggage tag is a nice touch. The website pics really make it seem like more than it is. Its not that sturdy looking in real life. Overall it's a great travel bag especially since it folds. But the price point seems a little high for what it is .
  9. Thanks so much for posting all the pictures and also your review of this bag. I was hoping it would be a great travel bag. Sounds like you think it might not hold up very well due to the glazing. I appreciate your thoughts!
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  10. I am glad you said this. But I saw this bag on Thursday and even my SA said this is the worst bag they have made! Not sure what they were thinking here. It’s just there.
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  11. Wow I hope I am not super disappointed! LV entered the wrong address and my box got held up by ups but the driver called and is bringing it to me in the hour. I’ll post my pics and reaction, I wanted to use this as a woRk bag.
  12. You know what every ones taste is different you just may love it! Don’t put too much into our opinions because that’s just what they are our personal opinions. It definitely is named appropriately because you can definitely put it all in. . . It may work great for you.
  13. So I like the agree, I agree really expensive for what it is. But I accept that in regards to LV. I put a samorga for a speedy 35 inside, I can definitely see myself using this as an overnight bag or work bag. I’m interested to see what others say, and to other poster who received it, are you keeping it? I have more photos but they won’t load so whEn I have more time later I’ll upload them.
    2357A4C9-BE79-4F9E-AF1A-36529C8AA627.jpeg 380A8E1A-1B91-4328-8EBC-0E321AF44061.jpeg 2525E769-4322-454E-BF1D-2DB7C87828BE.jpeg 135EC564-6262-41CB-BBF4-B20A3FF6A3C7.jpeg 2C362176-B170-4733-87A7-8D1E9D6CFD64.jpeg
  14. Also mine has No rubber weird smell at all. It’s made in Spain also
  15. Still not a fan. Though that picture showing it completely flat is interesting.
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